The YPAC advises the A&WMA Board and other Councils regarding services and activities to effectively engage young professionals (YPs). This Council recruits and retains YP members by fostering relationships with current YP members, employers and A&WMA Sections and Chapters.  Additionally, the YPAC assists the leadership of A&WMA in the recruitment, retention, and development of YP members to serve in roles within A&WMA and facilitate the integration of student members into the Association upon graduation. 

 Please note that all members of the Association, regardless of age, are encouraged to get involved with YPAC activities.  Members interested in getting involved with the YPAC are encouraged to contact the current YPAC Chair, Jen Moore. 

There are seven YPAC Committees:

      YPAC Annual Conference & Exhibition Committee 
      YPAC Local Support Committee 
      YPAC News Committee 
      YPAC Professional Development Committee 
      YPAC Technical Committee 
      YPAC Vitality Committee 
      YPAC Web Committee

To join one of the YPAC Committees, please contact the YPAC Chair or Vice-Chair. 

Click here to view the YP Toolkit

Click here to view the A&WMA's YP website.

YPAC Quarterly Newsletter

2016 Fourth Issue - New! 
2016 Third Issue
2016 Second Issue 
2016 First Issue

2015 First Issue
2015 Third Issue
2014 Third Issue
2014 Second Issue
2014 First Issue

2013 First Issue
2013 ACE Special Issue

2012 First Issue
2012 Second Issue
2012 Third Issue
2012 Fourth Issue