Critical Review

The 47th Annual A&WMA Critical Review

Air Quality Measurements-From Rubber Bands to Tapping the Rainbow

This 2017 Critical Review is organized in two parts as a contribution celebrating AWMA’s 110th Anniversary. The first part presents a perspective on air quality measurements. The second part consists of a panel to summarize the history of the critical reviews, including their strengths and weaknesses, and to discuss the future for the reviews as a part of AWMA’s technical portfolio for its members.  It is axiomatic that good measurements are integral to good public policy for environmental protection. The generalized term for “measurements” is defined in terms of sampling and quantitation, data integrity, documentation, network design, sponsorship and operations, and archiving and accessing for applications.  

Each of these components has evolved and advanced over the last 60 years as knowledge of atmospheric chemistry and physics has matured. Our presentation recognizes the insights of co-author Peter K. Mueller for his more than 60 years as an AWMA member and pioneering contributor to each of the components of the measurement process. Using our collective experience of more than 200 person-years, a perspective is presented of the evolving measurement paradigm and its contributions to informing policy makers.

G. M. Hidy, Principal, Envair/Aerochem
P. K. Mueller, Tropochem
J. G. Watson, Research Professor, Desert Research Institute
J. C. Chow, Research Professor, Desert Research Institute
S. L. Altshuler, Retired Pacific Gas and Electric Co.; Advisory Council, Bay Area AQMD