A premier conference to exchange research results on current and emerging issues in the electricity sector, and to develop a shared vision to address the most critical environmental and sustainability challenges through engagement of electric industry leaders, regulators, NGOs, academics, and other stakeholders.

Environmental issues facing the electricity sector are changing as rapidly as the dynamic global economy and evolving regulatory policy. There is an urgent need to anticipate future environmental challenges, identify major science and technology gaps, and design a research approach to enable sustainable and cost-effective solutions to those challenges. Currently, there are no conferences that comprehensively focus on existing and emerging challenges in the electricity sector. This conference fills that void by bringing together leaders, managers, and researchers from a broad spectrum of stakeholder groups to promote discussions and help create a roadmap for electricity sector environmental research and information needs. The main purpose of this conference is to enable high level discussion on current and future environmental challenges facing the electricity sector, identify knowledge gaps and to define research needed to solve those challenges. This conference will focus on the scientific research needs of the electricity sector; it complements the joint DOE-EPA-EPRI MEGA Symposium, held every other year, which focuses on emission control technology issues.

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