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Air and Waste Science Encyclopedia 

Air and waste issues continue to be a global concern because of their impact on human health.  Therefore, the governments around the world are involved in managing air quality and waste in their countries for the welfare of their citizens.  The management of both air and waste is complex and the procedures to control air quality and dispose waste have been developed over time.  The management of air pollution involves understanding air pollution sources; monitoring of contaminants; modeling air quality; performing laboratory experiments; the use of satellite images for quantifying air quality levels; indoor air pollution; and elimination of contaminants through control.  Research activities are being performed on every aspect of air and waste throughout the world, in order to respond to public concerns.  The current Air Pollution Engineering Manual is being replaced with an encyclopedia entitled “Air and Waste Science Encyclopedia”, to be published by A&WMA and Wiley.  The Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Ashok Kumar at The University of Toledo.

This encyclopedia will be helpful for the professionals, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  It will be divided in six volumes:






Air Quality Science

Jesse Thé


Air Pollution Control

David Elam


Air Quality Management



Indoor Air Quality

Suresh Santanam


Waste Management

Abderrahman Zehraoui


Cross-Media and Multi-Media Issues

Viney Aneja

A&WMA members are invited to submit an abstract of a proposed chapter to the Editor of whichever topic it fits, with a cc to the Editor-in-Chief.  Click here to view a draft outline of each volume.

Please feel free to contact the Editors at the e-mail addresses given in the table above, or Dr. Ashok Kumar at, with any questions.