2021 A&WMA Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership, not exceeding two each year, may be conferred upon individual A&WMA members who have attained eminence in some field related to the mission and objectives of the Association or who have rendered valuable service to the Association. Honorary members shall have the privileges of individual members and shall pay no dues. The nominator must also be a current A&WMA member.

A&WMA commends the following individuals for their accomplishments in the field and ongoing support of the Association, and awards them with an Honorary Association Membership:

Mitchell Baer
Miriam Lev-On

Dr. Lev-On has been a member of A&WMA since 1982, as well as a member of the West Coast Division and the Channel Islands Chapter. During her tenure at A&WMA, Dr. Lev-On was instrumental in organizing the climate change technical committee and launching the first international specialty conference on climate change (San Francisco, 2006). Since then she has been co-chairing the on-going series of bi-annual climate change specialty conferences. The upcoming (virtual) conference is scheduled to be convened on December 1-2, 2021.

Dr. Lev-On is also an active member of the International Affairs Committee (IAC), which she chaired or co-chaired for a number of years. As part of promoting A&WMA’s international outreach, she collaborated with the U.S. EPA to convene and coordinate the International Urban Air Quality Forums that were held during multiple ACE meetings. As vice-chair and chair of the IAC, she also provided direct technical support to Asian country partners including training workshops that were convened as part of the Better Air Quality conferences, which are organized by the Clean Air Asia Initiative throughout Southeast Asia.

Dr. Lev-On also served as an editorial board member for EM Magazine, where she championed multiple EM issues on climate change related topics. Currently, she continues to review submitted articles prior to publication.

In addition to her A&WMA activities, she is also active in multiple consulting and research venues. Dr. Lev-On is the executive director of The LEVON Group, LLC, an Environmental Consultancy and Facilitation Company, providing worldwide services in the areas of air quality management, “clean” energy sources, emission standards, and climate change strategies. She has over 30 years of professional expertise in air quality legislation and regulation, emission standards, corporate compliance, climate change strategies and greenhouse gas (GHG) protocols and carbon footprint assessments. She also holds a position as a Sr. Research Affiliate in the Energy & Environment Cluster of the Samuel Neaman Institute (SNI) for National Policy Research at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

Dr. Lev-On has been the technical lead of the Israeli Voluntary GHG Registry since its launch in 2010. In this capacity she continues to provide the leadership and technical know-how for the development of all the guidance documents, procedures, and methodology for GHG emissions reporting, verification, and quality assurance of reported data in Israel.

Dr. Lev-On has assisted the American Petroleum Institute (API) for more than a decade in its collaboration with the U.S. EPA to improve the methodology for the national GHG Inventory. She led the API’s effort to develop a methodology compendium of GHG emission estimation for the oil and natural gas industry and is currently engaged in an effort to develop Version 4 of the Compendium to reflect the latest advances in GHG emission quantification methodology.

Over the past couple of decades, she has authored, co-authored, or served as expert reviewer for multiple guideline documents for quantifying emissions and assessing carbon footprints. She has also conducted dozens of technical meetings and training workshops on air pollutant emissions and GHG reporting methodology. 

Miriam Lev-On

A&WMA Honorary Membership