2021 Outstanding Young Professional Award

The Outstanding Young Professional Award was inaugurated in 2008 and recognizes an individual or individuals who are pursuing excellence in their careers and have made a valuable contribution to A&WMA by serving in a leadership position. To be eligible, a candidate must be a young professional working in the environmental profession. A young professional is defined by the Association as being 35 years of age or younger.

A&WMA presents the 2021 Outstanding Young Professional Award to Stephanie Taylor. 

Stephanie Taylor is a Project Professional at SCS Engineers in Overland Park, Kansas and the current Past Chair for the A&WMA Midwest Section. She has held both regulatory and consulting positions and has over 10 years of industry experience. Stephanie’s experience includes air permitting and compliance, ambient air dispersion modeling analysis, environmental auditing, and groundwater monitoring. 

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science and Minor in Mathematics from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!). Before joining the private sector, Stephanie worked for two years as a college intern at the Environmental Protection Agency Region 7. She worked with both the Air Planning & Development Branch and the Air Permitting & Compliance Branch. Stephanie credits EPA Region 7 and all her coworkers with helping her figure out what path to take in her career. After graduation from KU, Stephanie joined Aquaterra Environmental Solutions (later becoming part of SCS Engineers) to help expand their air services in the Overland Park office. At SCS, she has expanded her air permitting knowledge to states throughout the country and frequently assists other SCS offices with air related projects. Stephanie is also responsible for the solid waste groundwater reporting for multiple sites throughout the Midwest. Additionally, Stephanie serves as the Young Professional Program Lead for her office and the Wellness Champion for her Business Unit.   

Stephanie has been a member of the A&WMA Midwest Section since 2013. Tia Jeter, Stephanie’s supervisor and previous Treasurer for the Midwest Section, introduced her to A&WMA. Stephanie joined the Midwest Section’s Board of Directors herself in 2016. After joining the Board, she quickly advanced into leadership positions, becoming the Secretary in 2017. Stephanie served as Vice Chair in 2018 and took on the Chair position beginning in 2019. She helped the Midwest Section transition to virtual monthly meetings, conferences, and workshops during the pandemic in 2020. As of April 1, 2021, she currently serves as the Past Chair for the A&WMA Midwest Section. During her time on the Board, Stephanie also served as the Scholarship Committee Chair. Stephanie looks forward to continuing with the organization for years to come.

Stephanie Taylor

Oustanding Young Professional Award