Annual Conference

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Gale Hoffnagle 

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Mark Sussman 

Technical Program Chair
Lee Lundberg

Tech Program Vice Chair   Lee Hoffman 


Explore these pages to discover the many different sessions, events, exhibits, and opportunities at the most comprehensive conference on environmental technology and regulation. ACE 2018 is an exceptional opportunity for everyone in the environmental industry to learn, share, connect, and grow.

Final program                              Final Program Addendum 6-22

As the country, and the world, struggles to balance energy, environment and health, the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) will meet in Hartford, Connecticut for our 111th Annual Conference & Exhibition. This will be the first time in 43 years that the Conference will be in New England and Hartford is the perfect location to represent the conference theme.

In 1662, Hartford signed its Charter from the King of England under the Charter Oak, which has become a symbol of Connecticut. During the Continental Congress, Connecticut proposed the compromise that allowed the big states and the small states to accept the Constitution and thus became the Constitution State. This conference will strive to develop new understandings of the compromise required to maintain balance between energy, environment and health so that a charter for the future can be written.

What are the technical advances that will lead to better management of environmental and health issues facing the country, and the world? Can we manage vehicular emissions? Can we provide energy that we need without emitting greenhouse gases? ACE 2018 will address these, and many additional questions related to advancements in environmental technology and regulation.

Join us in Hartford to exchange information that will help develop the charter for the future of the environmental industry.

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