Local host committee

Thank you to the local host volunteers for all of their work in bringing the conference to Quebec City and all of the planning now taking place! 
General Conference Chair 
Nicolas Turgeon, P.Eng, M.Sc. MBA

Deputy Director Industrial Eco Efficiency and Environment , CRIQ

Vice Conference Chair; Sponsorship and Exhibition
Jean-Luc Allard, P. Eng

Director, Acoustics, Air Quality & Climate Change, SNC-Lavalin 

Technical Program Vice Chair 
Matthieu Girard, Jr. Eng., PhD

Air Quality Engineering Researcher, IRDA

Student Programs; Critical Review
Louis-Cesar Pasquier, PhD

Assistant Professor, INRS

Denis Choinière, P.Eng M.Sc
Technical Program, Volunteers
President, Consumaj

Najat Kamal, P.Eng., PhD
Young Professionals 
Process and Water Engineer
PolyOne Canada, Inc.

Claire-Emmanuelle Lecompte, P. Eng
Project Manager, Environment, WSP

Adeline Narjoux M.Sc.
Environmental Consultant