Networking Events

Make the most of your virtual ACE experience by taking advantage of online events and networking opportunities! 

Women’s Professional Development Workshop
Livestream on Wednesday, July 1, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET

The Committee for the Professional Development of Women’s goal is to draw upon the unique perspectives and talents of women to further the goals of the Association and to mentor women in the profession.

Helping Women Design Careers That Fit
There is so much pressure about what you "should" want to do in your career and what work "should" mean to you. It can often leave you feeling aimless or dissatisfied with where you are and focused on external measures of success. In this seminar, you'll use practical frameworks and exercises to assess and understand what works for you in a job, learn how to make decisions with confidence, and gain new mindsets for how to think about your long-term career.

Keynote Speaker: Lindsay Gordon, Career Coach and Founder, A Life of Options LLC
"Career Coaching for Analytically Minded People"

Lindsay Gordon is a career coach for analytically minded people who want to stop doing what they think is "right" in their career and start doing what's right for them. She helps people get clarity about what's right for them in a job and why, gain confidence about their skills and abilities, and be able to communicate that to interviewers, managers, and colleagues.

Lindsay started her career working as a recycled water engineer in Melbourne, Australia before landing at Google doing technical support for the Google Apps team. At Google, she facilitated workshops for hundreds of Googlers on a variety of topics including career planning, work/life balance, and team dynamics. After 5 years of technical support, she transitioned into career development at Google before starting her own business.

Lindsay has given workshops for organizations including the Grace Hopper Conference and Ladies Get Paid, and she loves applying her engineering brain to helping people find careers that fit, baking complicated pastries, and barbershop singing.

A&WMA Honors & Awards
Join A&WMA members and conference attendees online as they recognize the accomplishments of outstanding individuals, organizations, and companies. The Virtual Ceremony will be available for conference attendees to view on Tuesday, June 30.

Volunteer Council/Committee Meetings
Everyone is welcome to attend this year's virtual A&WMA Councils and Committees meetings. View the schedule and make it your year to get involved with the rewarding experience of volunteering!