Volunteer Council/Committee Meetings

Air & Waste Management Association’s legacy of success is hinged on committed, engaged volunteers acting in the best interests of the members, the profession, and the organization. Every June, A&WMA’s Councils and Committees meet at the Annual Conference & Exhibition to discuss the important business of the Association and connect with one another in order to continuously improve programs and membership services. Although we will not be able to meet face-to-face this year, the Councils and Committees will still be holding their meetings throughout June and July.  Everyone is welcome — plan to join us and make it your year to get involved with the rewarding experience of volunteering! 

For more information on the Association’s volunteer groups, visit our Leadership and Governance page.

Date Council/Committee Time
Wednesday, June 24                 Education Council
Conference ID: 145-322-331 #
Meeting Agenda
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm ET               
Thursday, June 25 Sections & Chapters Council
Conference ID: 426-408-585 #
Meeting Agenda
11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET
Thursday, June 25 International Affairs Committee
Conference ID: 426-408-585 #
Meeting Agenda
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm ET
Monday, June 29 Young Professionals Advisory Council
Conference ID: 913-894-975 #
Meeting Agenda
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm ET
Monday, June 29 Publications Committee (including Editorial
Advisory Committee and Editorial Review Board)
Conference ID: 170-112-173 #
Editorial Advisory Committee Agenda
Editorial Review Board Agenda
Publications Committee Agenda
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET 
Monday, June 29 Technical Council
Meeting ID: 999 4724 3031
Password: 153643
Meeting Agenda
1:00 pm – 5:30 pm ET
Wednesday, July 1  Annual Business Meeting of the Membership
Meeting Agenda
5:30 pm – 6:15 pm ET
Thursday, July 2 Critical Review Committee‚Äč
Conference ID: 953-717-436 #
Meeting Agenda
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm ET
Thursday, July 9 Technical Council
Meeting ID: 917 8693 8741
Password: 985502
Meeting Agenda
1:00 pm – 5:30 pm ET

Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) meetings will be held prior to or after the conference. If you are not a current member of the committee, you are encouraged to attend and get involved. Please contact the chair for the details of the meeting. 

ACE 2020 TCC Meeting Schedule (as of 6/24)
Groups Divisions TCCs Title Chair Name Chair Email  Chair Phone  Meeting time (EDT)
TC Harish Rao 847-902-1518
  COM     Thomas Morahan 716-374-0640  
Air Atmospheric Processes and Measurements Group David Long
AP Atmospheric Processes Division George Schewe 859-341-8100 x109
APC Atmospheric Chemistry TCC Yi Li  201-293-1320 6/25/20 2:00 PM
APM Atmospheric Modeling and Meteorology TCC Michael Hammer 519-746-5995 6/26/20 1:00 PM
APV Visbility and Radiative Transfer TCC Kip Carrico 575-835-5165 6/24/20 4:00 PM
AA Measurements, Monitoring and Controls Division Praveen Srirama 575-234-5529 6/25/20 1:00 PM
AAM Measurement Technologies and Instrumentation TCC Richard Osa 847-258-8658
AAE Emission Inventory and Data Applications TCC Juan Carlos Ramirez-
Dorronsoro 765-744-5570
AAC Control Technologies TCC Nathan Schindler 201-247-7829 
EM Environmental Management Group Kevin Eldridge 919-233-4501
EE Effects and Exposure Division Pat Brush 281-552-2757 7/7/20 4:00 PM
HEE Health Effects and Exposure TCC Jim Morrow 808-942-9096
RAM Risk Assessment and EHS Management TCC M. Scott Weaver 626-720-2015
ODR Odors TCC Ray Porter 781-290-8594
EP Program Administration Division Gary Saini 919-845-1422, Ext. 42 7/6/20 2:00 PM
REG Regulations, Legal Issues and Permitting TCC Paul Siebert 610-701-3784
EPE Economics, Parterning and Environmental Leadership TCC Jason Krawczyk 317-942-7185
PUB Public Participation TCC Jayme Graham 412-578-8129
ET Transportation Division Robert Mentzer 781-229-0707 x3156 7/7/20 3:00 PM
OMS On and Off Road Mobile Sources TCC Gurdas Sandhu 919-600-0490
PLU Transportation Polices and Land Use TCC Roger Wayson 830-265-7687
CNV Community Noise and Vibration TCC George Noel 410-962-0093
IGP Industrial, Government, and Public Sectors Jordan Haywood 407-736-3045
IN Industry and Nanotechnology Division Christina Akly 561-691-7065
PWR Power Generation and Renewable Energy TCC John Kinsman 202-255-9531 6/24/20 12:00 PM
Kaitlyn Watkins 561-267-6890
PIM Petroleum, Industry and Mining TCC Charles Baukal 918-234-2854 6/24/20 1:00 PM
NAN Nanotechnology TCC William Looney 262-944-6182 7/10/20 4:00 PM
GI Government and Indigenous Environmental Affairs Division Stuart Wallace 801-721-5265 6/24/20 2:00 PM
GOV Government Facilities TCC Will Rottgering 210-749-7000
IEA Indigenous Environmental Affairs TCC Vacant
SCRWM Sustainability, Climate Change,
Resource Conservation and Waste Management Group
Chih Chao 416-494-5054
SR Sustainability and Resource Conservation Division Maggie Clarke 212-567-8272 6/24/20 3:00 PM
SUS Sustainability TCC Ram Ramanan 832-423-7039
SRC Resource Conservation TCC Ning Ai 312-413-9786
CC Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation Division Michael Conrardy 909-618-3518 6/23/20 4:00 PM
CCP Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Regulations TCC Christina Akly 352-562-952
CCI Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation TCC Joshua Fu 865-974-2629
WM Waste Management/Processing,
Waste-to-Energy and Bioenery Division
David Greene 828-285-8951 7/7/20 2:00 PM
WMB Waste Resource Recovery, Processing and Bioenergy TCC Melanie Sattler 817-272-5410
WMR Waste Characterization and Site Remediation TCC Christopher Lutes 919-360-8185
ITFs PRG Sara J. Head 805-293-7085