Call for Abstracts

Be a part of this innovative conference! Share your knowledge, advance the industry, and make connections. 

Call for Abstracts available now! Due by December 20.

We're looking for the latest and greatest research, ideas, and solutions in the environmental industry on topics including, but not limited to: 

  • 2021 Mini-Symposium – Environmental Resiliency
  • Hot Topics – Coastal Adaptation, Sugarcane Burning, COVID-19 Impacts, Carbon Tax/Markets, Clean Technology, Zero Waste, Community-Focused Emission Reductions
  • Air Emissions – Stationary/Mobile Sources, Inventory, Modeling, Measurements, Monitoring, Control Technologies
  • Air Quality, Visibility, Data QA/QC
  • Bioenergy, Biofuels, Biogas, Landfills
  • Brownfield Redevelopment 
  • Climate Change – Science, Policy, Regulation, Impacts, Mitigation & Adaptation
  • Environmental Program Administration – Policy, Regulation & Implementation, Permitting, Public Participation, Odor Issues, EPA Priorities
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Effects and Exposure 
  • Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Heavy Industry and General Manufacturing
  • PFAS and Emerging Contaminants of Concern
  • Regulatory and Legal Issues
  • Sustainability, Resource Conservation, Green Infrastructure
  • Transportation and Land Use
  • Indoor Air, Vapor Intrusion
  • Waste Treatment, Processing & Waste-to-Energy, Landfills, Site Remediation

Choose your presentation/submission format: 

  • Full Manuscript
  • Panel Session
  • Extended Abstract
  • Platform or Poster with Technical Review
  • Slide Presentation Only
  • Platform or Poster with Content Review

Multiple submission formats and presentation options available.

  1. Platform Presentations and Technical Posters: Authors may submit a full-length manuscript or extended abstract for technical review, or PowerPoint presentation slides that will receive only a content review (draft due March 16, 2021; final due May 10, 2021).
  2. Technical and Student Posters: Authors must submit a poster board in accordance with A&WMA guidelines for content and format (draft due March 16; final due May 10, 2021).
  3. Panel Sessions: requires panel chair to submit a 250-word Panel Synopsis describing the panel topic/goals listing panelists and their affiliations (draft due April 15, 2021; final due May 10, 2021).

Why you should present
A&WMA’s Annual Conference is recognized as the premier international conference of its kind providing the latest information on air, environmental management and risk, climate change, emerging contaminants such as PFAS, energy, sustainability, resource conservation, and waste management issues. The conference typically has over 300 platform and poster presentations, 35+ panel sessions, and up to 10 concurrent sessions each day.

This year’s conference venue is Orlando, Florida, one of the country’s top outdoor travel destinations and an ideal place for environmental professionals and students from a wide range of employers, industries, and educational institutions to gather from around the world to share new ideas and develop solutions to current and emerging environmental issues. Florida’s abundant coastline, diverse ecosystem and weather bring issues of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental resiliency to the forefront of environmental concerns. This conference will bring leading environmental experts and practitioners together to tackle the strategies and policies needed to develop new and innovative approaches to planning and finding solutions to meet tomorrow’s needs. 

ACE 2021 Technical Program Timeline

December 20, 2020
Abstract Deadline for Professional and Student Platform Presentations, Technical Posters, and Panel Sessions

January 8 – February 12, 2021
Notification of Acceptance

January 12, 2021
Abstract Deadline for Student Posters

February 26, 2021
Author Notification of Presentation Format

March 16 – May 10, 2021
Review Period

March 16, 2021
Draft Manuscript/Poster Due

April 15, 2021
Draft Panel Synopsis Due

May 10, 2021
Final Submissions Due

June 14 – 17, 2021
ACE 2021 in Orlando, FL
COVID-19 Statement
A&WMA is proceeding with the intention of holding an in-person Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) in June 2021. However, due to the inherent uncertainty COVID-19 continues to create, it is possible that ACE 2021 in Orlando, Florida may be affected by state constraints on assembly of large numbers of people as well as state or international travel restrictions, and potentially prevent an in-person conference for some or all participants. Any changes to the conference format will be made and announced well in advance of the conference dates. We want to encourage authors to submit abstracts and assure them that their abstracts will be considered for presentation at an in-person session, as expected currently, or in a virtual session, if dictated by the circumstances. In addition, A&WMA recognizes that even if ACE 2021 proceeds as an in-person conference, some authors, especially those from outside the U.S. may be travel-restricted by COVID-19 or by their employers. If your submitted abstract or panel session has been accepted for presentation, but you are restricted from travel, you will still be able to make the presentation virtually and your manuscript (full-length paper, extended abstract, or PowerPoint presentation) will be included in the ACE 2021 proceedings. If you have  further questions or concerns regarding your submission, please contact the ACE 2021 Technical Program team at