Technical Tours

Expand your knowledge and attend on site tours of San Francisco facilities on the cutting-edge of technology and environmental practices.                                                                                                                                     

The Port of Oakland's Seaport
Monday, June 27 • 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The Port of Oakland approved its Maritime Air Quality Improvement Plan (MAQIP) in 2009. The MAQIP included goals for substantial reductions in criteria pollutants, most notably an 85% reduction goal in diesel particulate matter over 2005 levels to reduce excess cancer health risk in the nearby West Oakland community.  This tour will highlight strategies that enabled the Port to surpass its emissions reductions goals in 2020, and new strategies set forth in its Maritime Air Quality 2020 & Beyond Plan – the Pathway to Zero Emissions. 

The tour includes: 
  • Brief overview of the seaport and our Air Quality 2020 & Beyond Plan at the Port’s headquarters
  • Tour of Oakland’s largest marine terminal, where you will see:
    • Shore power infrastructure and ships plugging into shore power
    • Newly retrofitted near-zero emissions cargo handling equipment
  • Site visit to see Class 8 battery-electric trucks, electric top-picks, and associated charging equipment

Cost: $45. Advance registration required by May 25, 2022 due to clearances required by the facility. 
Includes transportation to and from the facility. All attendees must present valid government-issued identification (passport, driver's license) to enter a marine terminal.