Visit San Francisco

The City by the Bay

San Francisco is more than just a beautiful place to visit – it is one of the greenest cities in North America. It is considered a global powerhouse on the eco-scene. In terms of cleaning up the environment, San Francisco is leading the way when it comes to proper disposal of waste, eco-friendly buildings, air quality, carbon emissions, transportation, and land use.

Did you know?

  • San Francisco is built on 43 hills.
  • There are 45 historic street cars and 8.8 miles of cable car track.
  • The famous Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long and an average of over 40 million cars traverse it every year.
  • San Francisco has 39 piers and 7.5 miles of waterfront.
  • There are more than 200 parks and 8000 restaurants within a 15-mile radius.

There are plenty of attractions to complement your visit to San Francisco for ACE 2022!

Explore what San Francisco has to offer.