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American Ecotech supplies state-of-the-art air pollution monitoring instrumentation for a wide variety of ambient monitoring applications. Our equipment is designed to provide high quality air pollution and meteorological data while minimizing the time spent on maintenance and calibration. With over twenty years’ experience, our product range includes:
•Criteria pollutant gas analyzers
•Trace gas analyzers
•Specialty gas analyzers
•Dilution calibrators, zero air generators, and scrubbing media
•Particulate sampling instruments (continuous and non-continuous)
•Visibility, TSP, PM10, PMc, PM2.5, metals, radioactive isotopes
•Smoke monitoring instrumentation
•Digital dataloggers with integrated remote station management systems
•Real-time air toxics/VOC monitors
•Meteorological instruments
American Ecotech has full-service centers in the USA and Canada. We stock all instrumentation spare parts and consumables and have select rentals of instrumentation available.

 Ambilabs specializes in innovative air pollutant monitoring technology solutions. We offer expertise, engineering, software, instrumentation, and turn-key solutions to assist government agencies, laboratories, and research centers to obtain accurate, valid air pollution monitoring data.
Applications that currently utilize our instrumentation are in the areas of construction/demolition, impacts of air pollutants on coatings and components analysis, smoke monitoring impacts, human health impacts, and various environmental analyses.

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