Environmental Auditing Workshops

Learn inside information on the auditing process and how you can pass with ease.
Integrating permit and other regulatory requirements into operations is fundamental to managing non-technical risks.  Verifying that you are meeting the requirements and have established processes in place to ensure that compliance is met is becoming increasingly important. The risk of non-compliance, reputation, and impacts on capital projects and growth are all at stake. If you're new to the auditing process or find that audits bring trepidation, this workshop will help you be prepared, knowledgeable, and ready to respond. 

All of the key stakeholders in the auditing process—the regulated, the regulators, attorneys, and consultants—have worked together to develop this program and provide answers from multiple perspectives. There will be real-world examples that call for interaction with all of the parties and the audience to help you with successful planning and successful outcomes. 

The Workshop will address the different types of audits and roles of the parties, the legal perspective, and what to expect in an inspection.  Plant managers, EHS managers, risk professionals, CEOs, attorneys, regulators, and municipal/county agency staff will find answers to these common questions: 
  • Why do businesses audit, or choose not to? 
  • How do you ensure a succesful internal audit? 
  • What happens in regulator-performed inspections? 
  • What is done with the findings? 
St. Paul instructors include: 
Jennifer Carlson, Compliance Coordinator, Air Quality Compliance and Enforcement, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

Ms. Carlson has been with the MPCA in Air Quality for 10 years.  She has conducted inspections at various types of industries including:  ethanol facilities, petroleum refining facilities, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals.  Her responsibilities also include responding to complaints, such as odor and dust complaints, and issue enforcement actions when warranted.  She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and having a meaningful conversations to help others with air quality inspections.

David Harvey, Director of Environment, Health and Safety at The Greenbrier Companies
Mr. Harvey has a distinguished track record in executive level, real-world applications of sustainable development, public outreach, government relations, environmental management, personnel safety improvement, greenhouse gas reductions, corporate social responsibility, strategic planning, corporate governance, and public policy, developed through 32 years of experience in corporate management, consulting, and business startup activities. He has led development of world class sustainability programs. Mr. Harvey has a track record for incorporating environmental, sustainability, emerging issues, government relations, employee safety, and emerging technologies into business strategies. He has led company and industry responses to emerging issues and regulations including climate change. The approaches he has developed have led to corporate innovation that had direct, top line and bottom line results.

David Zoppo, Attorney, Perkins Coie LLP 
Mr. Zoppo is an attorney in Madison, Wisconsin, specializing in environmental law, energy regulation, and land use law. He has represented a variety of clients in administrative proceedings before state agencies and in state and federal courts. He also counsels clients regarding the environmental risks of mergers and acquisitions and regarding environmental compliance issues and regularly assists clients with managing audits of their facilities and navigating EPA’s Audit Policy.

Multiple locations in 2018 
July 19

8:30 am – 12:00 pm  
Wilder Center 
St. Paul, MN 

$149 Member
$199 Nonmember

Coming in the fall: 
New Orleans, LA 
Detroit Metro Area 
Washington DC