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ACE and the Environmental Manager

From the President—A&WMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, June 4–8, this year. It is a complex affair and like the Association, its offerings are diverse and worthy of study. I think it is safe to say that there is something, and likely several things, of value to environmental managers and their employees. Let's consider a few. 


Air Quality in Megacities Around the World

EM—An overview of the air quality issues, trends, current initiatives, and potential path forward for improving air quality in five current or potential megacities around the world: São Paulo, Brazil; Cairo, Egypt; Tehran, Iran; Delhi, India; and Beijing, China.

Raising the Bar on Water Quality

Archive—In case you missed's a look back at the April 2014 issue of EM, which examined different aspects of water quality, including the regulation of pharmaceutical disposal, the management of emerging contaminants in drinking water, and whether policies to manage stormwater runoff are having adverse—and unintended—consequences on the environment.