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Food Sustainability: Feeding the World Responsibly

EM—A look at how we might successfully feed the growing human population in a way that is affordable, just, and sustainable.

Working to Achieve Sustainable Freight Systems

From the Archive—In case you missed's a look back at the December 2016 issue of EM, which looked at emissions, regulations, technology, and environmental management approaches to manage the environmental concerns of trucks, ships, trains, planes, and their supporting infrastructure.

A Solid Approach to Waste: How 5 Cities are Beating Pollution

Newswire—When ministers, business chiefs and civil society leaders gather at the UN Environment Assembly in December, trash talk will be on the agenda. Getting a grip on the mountains of solid waste produced by humanity is central to the Assembly’s goal of moving Earth “towards a pollution-free planet”. After all, poorly contaminated rubbish contaminates our air, water and soil, and represents a colossal waste of the planet’s finite resources.