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COP 26 Transportation, Draft Cover Decision and US-China Joint Declaration

COP 26—A busy day at COP 26 includes highlights of the transportations sessions, followed by the release of the draft text of the cover for the decision document that will encapsulate what is agreed to at the end of the conference, and the surprise joint United States-China Declaration on
Climate Change. 

Glasgow Breakthroughs, Science and Innovation at COP 26

COP 26— Check out some of the "Glasgow Breakthroughs" which are intended to create public/private partnerships to make clean solutions the most accessible, affordable, and attractive option in every sector as well as highlights of the session on accelerating innovation and collaboration for a net zero future with remarks by US Department of Energy (DOE) Deputy Secretary Turk.  

Arriving in Glasgow, Scotland for Week 2 of COP 26

COP 26 — A&WMA delegate Brian Bunger details his arrival in Glasgow, Scotland for Week 2 of COP, along with the first sessions he attended on adaptation, loss and damage related to climate change. 

COP 26 Least Developed Countries and Progress Toward NDCs

COP 26— Presentations from Friday, Nov. 5 on LDC groups of Indigenous Amazonians, Indigenous Pacific Islanders, and Aboriginal Peoples as well as reports from multiple countries on their assessment of progress in implementing their NDCs, which are called Multilateral Assessments or MAs. 

COP 26 Finance & Technology Day

COP 26 — Highlights from the Thursday, Nov. 4 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group that provides the most up-to-date physical science understanding of the climate system and climate change. 

Earth Information Day at COP 26

COP 26 — Wednesday's sessions at COP focused on highlighting the 2021 IPCC Report, along with mitigation and adaptation funding. Information is also provided on the United States' Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

Heads-of-state Comments on Climate Change

COP 26— Monday and Tuesday's sessions at COP included statements from well-known heads of state. Check out some of the eye-opening information regarding climate change progress—or lack thereof. 

Challenges Related to Implementing the U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards

EM – November 2021: This month’s issue describes some of the inherent challenges involved in implementing the U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for criteria pollutants.

COP 26 Overview and Opening Session

COP 26 — Get ready for COP26 with the conference overview and summary report from the Opening Sessions, complete with background information provided to set the stage.