ECi Competition

Student Teams:  Ready for the competition?  Guess again.  Like in many real-world situations, there's always something that comes up last minute. Don't forget to work in the latest TWEAK to the problem into your environmental solutions. See you in Pittsburgh! 

Good luck to this year's teams: 

Virginia Tech – New Sea
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo – C2P2 Consultants
University of Florida – Chomp Consultants
Louisiana State University – Tiger Consultants
Michigan State University – Spartan Environmental Team
University of Florida – Gator Gas Consultants
University of Toledo – UT Rockets

The Environmental Challenge International (ECi) Competition gives student teams experience with proposing effective solutions to a simulated environmental problem--a problem based on real-world site conditions and events.  The teams will present their solution to a panel of environmental professionals at the Annual Conference in June. 

Although the challenge is somewhat quantitative, teams will be expected to address a wide range of concerns related to the environment, energy, and health.  Teams will be evaluated based on a variety of issues, such as, how the problem is interpreted, how conclusions were determined, and how well the team can communicate its reasoning and judgements.  So, in addition to the scientific and technical aspects of this competition, resolution of political and community issues along with appropriate regulatory approaches will be important.

Does your team have what it takes?  
This year's problem deals with the timely issue of hydraulic fracturing in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Student teams will act as independent consultants to address the how, who, what and some of the whys regarding public concerns in construction and drilling. Teams will present a proposal that addresses the environmental, social, and economic interests of the problem. 

ECi Problem 

ECi Protocol

ECi gives everyone attending the conference a chance to participate and gets the professionals of tomorrow interacting with the professionals of today.

Contact: Anthony.Sadar@AlleghenyCounty.US