May 2019

In this issue of EM, you will find articles that focus on key air quality monitoring issues and developments important to air quality managers.

Inside This Month's Issue


Air Quality Monitoring
Anthony J. Schroeder and Susan S.G. Wierman

Controlling Biogenic Particle Mass with NOx and SOx
Annmarie G. Carlton and Sherri W. Hunt

Obtaining More Information from Existing Filter Samples in PM2.5 Speciation Networks
Judith C. Chow, Xiaoliang Wang, Mark C. Green, and John G. Watson

Performing High-Quality Monitoring—The RIGHT Way!
Casey Lenhart

Monitoring Ultrafine Particles
by Philip K. Hopke

Also This Month...

Spotlight on Waste
As a continuation of the March issue focus topic, this month and next, EM will feature a special spotlight on waste management with planned articles that will consider topics as varied as landfill leachate problems, zero waste as an achievable goal, food waste challenges and opportunities, and waste-to-biofuels conversion.

Case Study: Enerkem Process Converts Waste to Biofuels and Green Chemicals in Canada
by David McConnell

Food Waste Diversion: Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses and Local Governments
by Arpita Bhatt and Melanie Sattler


Regulatory Roundup: EPA’s Shifting Focus on Enforcement and the Future of Fuel Economy Standards
by William H. Haak
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been under increasing scrutiny for both its shifting focus from environmental enforcement to environmental compliance and its efforts to dramatically slow down improvements in fuel efficiency standards for cars and light-duty trucks.

Message from the President: Monitoring and Evaluating Air Emissions and Association Progress
Michele E. Gehring

New for 2019!
Back In Time: May 2004
A look back at this month 15 years ago in EM Magazine.


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