Frank A. Chambers Excellence in Air Pollution Control Award

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This award, established by resolution of the Board of Directors on February 12, 1954, is for outstanding achievement by an individual in the science and art of air pollution control. It requires accomplishment of a technical nature on the part of the recipient that is considered to be a major contribution to the science and art of air pollution control, the merit of which has been widely recognized by persons in the field.

The coverage is intentionally broad, since it is expected to recognize achievement in any line of technical endeavor in air pollution control from pure research to applied science.

Frank A. Chambers (1885-1951) was a founder of the Smoke Prevention Association of America, forerunner of the Air & Waste Management Association, and almost single-handedly established the foundation of our present Association. His ideas have been put into operation in many cities in the United States. The Frank A. Chambers Award may be awarded to members and nonmembers of the Association.

Past Recipients

2020 Armistead ("Ted") Russell
2019 H. Christopher Frey
2018 Bret A. Schichtel
2017 Allan H. Legge
2016 Charles L. Blanchard
2015 Mark J. Rood
2014 Christian Hogrefe
2013 Juni Cao
2012 Michael D. Durham
2011 Ivar Tombach
2010 Delbert Eatough
2009 William C. Malm
2007 Peter K. Mueller
2006 Robert K. Stevens, Sr.
2005 George Hidy
2003 Paul J. Lioy *
2002 Judith C. Chow
2001 Donald L. Blumenthal *
2000 John G. Watson
1999 S. Trivikrama Rao
1998 Viney P. Aneja
1997 George T. Wolff
1996 Donald Stedman
1995 William R. Pierson *
1994 Humberto Bravo Alvarez
1993 Thomas T. Shen *
1992 D. Bruce Turner
1991 R.K.M. Jayanty
1990 Donald F. Adams *

1989 Hanwant B. Singh

1988 Andrew Dravnieks *
1987 Senichi Masuda

1986 Jack G. Calvert
1985 Julian P. Heicklen
1984 Robert E. Munn
1983 Bernard Weinstock *
1982 James N. Pitts, Jr.
1981 Walter W. Heck
1980 Hiromi Niki
1978 Gaylord W. Penney
1977 Irving A. Singer
1976 Richard B. Engdahl
1975 E. R. Hendrickson *
1974 James P. Lodge
1973 W.L. Faith *
1971 Harry White *
1970 A. Paul Altshuller
1969 W. C. L. Hemeon *
1968 Sir Oliver Graham Sutton
1966 Louis C. McCabe *
1965 Morris A. Katz *
1964 Charles W. Gruber *
1962 Bert L. Richards
1961 Philip A. Leighton
1959 Robert E. Swain *
1958 Arie Jan Haagen-Smit *
1957 Walter A. Schmidt *
1956 Ward F. Davidson *
1955 Moyer D. Thomas *


* Deceased