Nanotechnology: Engineering Controls, Personal Protective Equipment, and Regulatory Update

Tuesday, September 26, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

Nanomaterials present occupational, environmental and end-consumer exposure risk in the form of individual nanoparticles, their agglomerates, nanoparticle-containing composite particles, and nanostructured materials. New engineering techniques and nanosafety approaches are being developed for use in the nanotechnology development and manufacturing industries. At the same time, regulation of nanotechnology is evolving in various jurisdictions, with many nanomaterials already regulated. This webinar will provide an overview of the latest developments in nanotechnology safety, controls of release and exposure, present best practices for handling nanomaterials in occupational settings including engineering controls and personal protective equipment.  In addition, recent nanotechnology regulatory developments in the US will be summarized.

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William C. Looney, Senior Program Manager, Director Nanotechnology Initiative, AECOM

Bill is a Senior Program Manager at AECOM, a Fortune 500 professional and technical services firm.  As Director of AECOM's Nanotechnology Initiative he is responsible for coordination of a multidisciplinary, multinational team of AECOM experts and university collaboration partners assisting clients in addressing nanotechnology-related issues. 
Bill has made a number of presentations related to human health and environmental risks from nanomaterials; remediation of environmental releases with nanomaterials and the need for proactive audits of nanomaterial handling practices.  AECOM's Nanotechnology Initiative was awarded an Environmental Business Journal's Business Achievement Award for Best New Practice Area and AECOM America’s Thought Leadership Award.

Samy Rengasamy, Ph.D., Physical Scientist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, Technology Research Branch

Dr. Samy Rengasamy is a Physical Scientist at the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, NIOSH, in Pittsburgh.  Samy worked as an Assistant Professor of Research at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.  He joined the NIOSH Health Effects Laboratory Division in Morgantown and then, moved to the Pittsburgh NIOSH division.  Samy’s research has been focused on respiratory protection issues including filter penetration and faceseal leakage of nanoparticles, workplace protection, biological aerosols, decontamination of respirators, and respirator standard development.  Samy has published about 75 papers, and 25 in the area of respiratory protection in peer reviewed journals.  Samy is a recipient of John M. White Award, Alice Hamilton Award, Bullard-Sherwood Award and Charles C. Shepard Award for his research publications.

Candace Tsai, Ph.D., Sc.D., CIH, Senior Assistant Professor of Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health, Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Science at Colorado State University;  Faculty, Birck Nanotechnology Center at Purdue University
Candace has served as the Director of Industrial Hygiene Training Program at Purdue University. Dr. Tsai’s research interests address diverse aspects of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Industrial Hygiene (IH) in general, with a special focus on nanotechnology. She is pursuing important research in the areas of occupational and environmental exposure assessment, occupational hygiene practices, aerosol sampling technique, engineering controls, and biological effects associated with exposure. Her publications including the textbook entitled “Health and Safety Considerations for Working with Engineered Nanoparticles”, published by Wiley; “Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods when Handling Nanopowders” and the “Twin Screw Extrusion of Nanocomposites” are the first such papers in the peer-reviewed literature. She has been involved in many panels and committees and she has been invited to give numerous seminars and conference keynote speeches in the U.S. and overseas.
Yevgen Nazarenko, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University 
Yevgen specializes in ultrafine and nanomaterial aerosols and nanomaterial inhalation exposure and ultrafine particulate air pollution. Prior to joining McGill, Yevgen was based at the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey where his research focus has been on nanomaterial exposure from consumer products, nanomaterial introduction into the environment and objects for human use and consumption.

MODERATOR: Dritan Xhillari, M.Sc. Inhalation Toxicology Consultant at CH Technologies USA

Mr. Xhillari received Masters degrees in Environmental Sciences and Policy in 1999 from the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary and in Environmental Health, in 2007, from the New York University. Dritan is an air quality and inhalation toxicology consultant. In 1992, Mr. Xhillari was appointed Director of the National Air Quality Monitoring Program and then consulted for the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health (WHO-ECEH) and later on for the Dutch Institute of Public Health. Between 2002 and 2007 Mr. Xhillari was at the Department of Environment and Health of NYU School of Medicine. Since joining CH Technologies, the interests of Mr. Xhillari have focused on developing methods and research tools for understanding systemic impacts of in-vivo exposure to inhaled toxicants.