Technical Program

Final Program 
Check out the speakers, sessions, and events and make your plans to be there. 

The conference will open with two high level keynotes, including: 

The U.S. and Mid-Atlantic Perspectives on Environmental Issues at Ports
Walter Mugdan, Deputy Regional Administrator, U.S. EPA Region 2

International Perspectives on the Science and Policy of Port Emissions
Dr. Peter Louie, Senior Environmental Protection Officer, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department

Panels will offer insight and discussion on these current issues: 

  • Mitigating Community Impacts from Ports 
  • Elements of Freight Sustainability:  A Multi-State Perspective 
  • Climate Change and Risk Assessments 

Sessions include over 30 platform presentations on the following topics: 

  • Strategies for Reducing Freight Emissions 
  • Emission Measurements 
  • Noise Issues at Ports
  • Sustainable Practices—Clean Air Near Ports of Entry 
  • Models and Data Collection 
  • Freight Truck Emissions