Introduction to Air Pollution Meteorology & Modeling

Introduction to Air Pollution Meteorology & Modeling Series     
Tuesday, October 22 and Wednesday, October 23, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET 

What happens in the atmosphere, doesn’t stay in the atmosphere.  Introduction to Air Pollution Meteorology & Modeling will provide an overview of the nature of our airy environment, what causes it to go bad (sometimes, really bad), and how the air is modeled for better or worse, to determine what needs to be done to clean things up and to anticipate how bad things can get.  This two-part series is ideal for scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, administrators, and others unfamiliar with the ways of the weather when it tangles with pernicious particles and gases. 

Part 1: The Fundamentals, Tuesday, October 22, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
This webinar will cover pertinent mechanics and dynamics of the atmosphere, the dispersal of contaminants, and the theory and practice of air dispersion modeling. 

$99.00 Member; $149.00 Nonmember 

Part 2: Modeling for Beginners, Wednesday, October 23, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET 
This webinar will explore U.S. EPA and state/local guidance and the basic operation of popular models.

$99.00 Member; $149.00 Nonmember 

$165.00 Member; $265 Nonmember 
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Presenter: Anthony J. Sadar, Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Air Quality Program, Allegheny County Health Department

Anthony J. Sadar is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with 40 years of experience in air pollution meteorology and science education.  Mr. Sadar holds a B.S. degree in meteorology from Penn State University, a M.S. degree in environmental science (air-pollution control) from the University of Cincinnati, and a M.Ed. in science education from the University of Pittsburgh.  Mr. Sadar is currently an Air Pollution Administrator for the Allegheny County Health Department, Air Quality Program, in Pittsburgh, PA.  He has also worked for many years in private consulting investigating a variety of high-profile industrial projects and emergency release situations.  Besides his work with Allegheny County, Mr. Sadar has taught since 1986 at colleges and universities in western Pennsylvania and is an adjunct associate professor with Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA.

Moderator:  Ron Huffman, QEP, Environmental Consultant
Ron Huffman, QEP, Environmental Consultant, has worked as an industry environmental specialist and manager, and as an Allegheny County Air Permitting Engineer.  He has worked on industrial air and water environmental and permitting projects for more than 35 years.  He has implemented an environmental management system for a chemical company and performed compliance audits.  He has been an active member of A&WMA since 1985.  He served in many offices in the Midwest Section and the Allegheny Mountain Section.  He currently serves on the A&WMA’s Webinar Committee and is the secretary for the Tampa Bay Chapter.