More LDAR Pitfalls – Keeping the Program Afloat

More LDAR Pitfalls – Keeping the Program Afloat
Wednesday, March 4, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) has more opportunities for non-compliance than any other environmental program. Join us in this follow-up to the first LDAR Pitfall webinar the Association presented in late 2019 for more important details on how to avoid the six danger zones in your compliance program.  A team of LDAR professionals will present on current issues including calibration drift, delay of repair, leaving an audit trail, and program management tips to help with employee turnover.
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Mark Kelsey, Client Relationship Manager, TRICORD Consulting, LLC
Mark Kelsey has spent the vast majority of his career working in Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR). Starting his career as a field monitoring technician in the early 90's and working his way to an executive position of Director of Compliance and Quality Control, he has seen nearly every aspect of an LDAR service provider. In 2015 he left the contractor world to pursue consulting at TRICORD.  Since then he has performed over 80 audits and enjoyed the opportunity to present at several technical conferences and conduct many training events.

Brian Whitley, Vice President of Compliance, Emission Monitoring Service
Brian Whitley is the VP of Compliance for EMSI and a registered consultant with the DOJ. A tenured expert in the environmental industry for the public and private sectors, Brian has served as a catalyst developing partnerships that bridge environmental compliance with next generation technology. His extensive experience developing compliance strategies has been used to reduce emissions and improve relationships between the private sector and government agencies. In the private sector, he’s frequently relied upon to assist in consent decree negotiations and develop risk minimization strategies.


Graham “Buzz” Harris, Chemical Engineer, TRICORD Consulting, LLC

Graham “Buzz” Harris holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and has nearly 50 years of experience in petrochemical industries. He was a pioneer in LDAR, working on EPA funded projects in the 1970s that developed the prototype for Method 21 and correlation equations and emission factors for refineries, chemicals, and gas plants. He has continued work in LDAR that has included over 300 audits as well as many technical presentations and training events.