NOx Air Pollution Control Technologies

NOx Air Pollution Control Technologies
Wednesday, October 28, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) is a criteria air pollutant and a precursor for particulate matters. Reducing NOx emissions is an effective tool to reduce ambient fine particulate matter PM2.5. This webinar will provide you important information to design and/or review NOx air pollution control technologies, estimate associated equipment costs, and address the permitting, monitoring and compliance related challenges to control equipment for stationary sources. The presenters include a recognized panel of regulatory and technology experts with multiple years of experience in the field of air pollution control technologies and regulatory compliance.
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Charles E. Baukal, Jr., Ph.D., Ed.D., P.E., QEP, Director, John Zink Institute
Charles E. Baukal, Jr., Ph.D., Ed.D., P.E., QEP is the Director of John Zink Institute. He has over 39 years of industrial experience with expertise in air pollution control technologies. He has authored/edited 16 books on combustion and engineering, 200 publications and presentations and 11 U.S. patents.  He has been an adjunct instructor for over 30 years and taught courses in engineering, business, and education. He earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania and an Ed.D. in Applied Educational Studies from Oklahoma State University.

Jeffrey Broderick, Director, Retrofit Solutions, CECO Environmental
Jeffrey Broderick is the Director of Retrofit Solutions of CECO Environmental overseeing the implementation of CECO technologies for the power and industrial markets.  He has over 18 years of experience in the design, assembly, testing, field optimization and sales of SCRs for IC engines, boilers and gas turbines and SNCRs for industrial and utility boilers; and 6 years responsible for project management, engineering, installation oversight, commissioning and testing of new and retrofit SCR applications. His efforts have resulted in over 10 patents granted and pending.

Bhaskar Chandan, P.E., QEP, Senior Air Quality Engineering Manager, South Coast Air Quality Management District
Bhaskar Chandan, P.E., QEP is the Senior Air Quality Engineering Manager of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California.  He currently manages the Refinery permitting team, overseeing the permitting of the refineries, hydrogen plants and bulk loading terminals.  He has over 30 years of experience in air quality/air pollution control.  Prior to joining the District, he worked 12 years with private companies in various capacities solving air quality problems. He has extensive experience with projects involving NOx and VOC control technologies

Nathan Schindler, JD, B.S., Technical Sales Manager, Evonik Corporation
Nathan Schindler, JD, B.S. is a Technical Sales Manager, Evonik Corporation.  He has more than 20 years of experience in air pollution control technologies and regulatory requirements.  He currently manages Evonik's P84(R) Fiber business in North America, assisting end users reduce the cost of ownership for baghouses.  Previously, he has been involved in the engineering and sales of low NOx burners, SCRs, boiler retrofits and services.  As an attorney, he has experience with laws and regulations protecting air, land, and water.

Minh Pham, M.S., P.E., Consultant
Minh Pham, M.S., P.E. has 32 years of experience in air pollution control.  She developed five major regulations for the South Coast Air Quality Management District to reduce emissions from major sources at refineries and chemical plants.  Prior to that, she worked for Bechtel Power Corporation.  She has B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of California Los Angeles and a Professional Engineering license in Chemical Engineering from California.  She currently serves as Vice Chair of the A&WMA’s Air Division Technical Council Coordinating Committee.