Understanding and Regulating the Risks from Air Toxics

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Understanding and Regulating the Risks from Air Toxics
Tuesday, August 29, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Air toxics are those pollutants that are known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. Since the 1990 Clean Air Act (CAA), there have been significant reductions in air toxics emissions and improvements in public health protection. The webinar will provide the latest information on air toxics risk-based programs.
This webinar will begin with an EPA representative’s overview of national Air Toxics Screen Assessment (AirToxScreen) that helps to identity pollutants, emission sources and places for further studies to better understand any possible risks to public health from air toxics. A brief overview of EPA’s proposal to amend the Air Emissions Reporting Rule will also be presented. Following EPA’s presentation, state representatives from MI and OR will present their respective state air toxics risk-based programs that include why they regulate air toxics, basis for the air toxics rules, how to implement air toxics programs, and lessons learned from their practices.
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Art Diem, Technical Staff, EPA
Art Diem has been with EPA for over 22 years. Since 2019, he is a technical staff person in the Emissions Inventory and Analysis Group at OAQPS working on the National Emissions Inventory, Emissions Modeling Platforms, the SPECIATE database, and AirToxScreen. Art previously worked in the Sectors Policies and Programs Division for about five years as a rule lead and developed RTR modeling input files among other responsibilities.

J.R. Giska, Cleaner Air Oregon Program Engineer, Oregon DEQ
J.R. Giska has worked in air quality engineering for nearly ten years and has been at Oregon DEQ as the program engineer for the Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) program since it began in November of 2018. CAO is Oregon’s recently established industrial air toxics permitting program, requiring stationary sources to conduct a risk assessment and meet health-base standards.

Brian J Hughes, Toxicology Manager,  Air Quality Division’s Toxics Unit, State of Michigan
Dr. Brian J Hughes has a doctorate in Toxicology from Utah State University and has been a practicing toxicologist for more than 30 years, much of the time in the field of risk assessment. He serves as the Toxicology Manager for the Air Quality Division’s Toxics Unit for the State of Michigan to evaluate the human health and environmental impacts of toxic air pollutants and to develop, coordinate, and implement the state’s air toxic programs.

Moderator: Stephanie Bolyard, Senior Engineer to the Assistant Secretary, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
Dr. Bolyard is the Senior Engineer to the Assistant Secretary with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. She works directly with the Assistant Secretary to support, set, and guide activities that consistently articulate DEQ’s mission and implement the strategic plan. She received her PhD and MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Central Florida and BS in Chemistry from the University of Florida.