August 2013

In this issue of EM, you will find  a variety of novel approaches to analyzing environmental data used in academic research.

Inside This Month's Issue


Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Approaches for Environmental Data Analysis
by Akhil Kadiyala and Ashok Kumar

Early Detection of Biological Aerosols in Cities: The Bioagent Event Reconstruction Tool – BERT
by Sara Brambilla and Michael J. Brown

Screening for Justice: Proactive Spatial Approaches to Environmental Disparities
by Manuel Pastor, Rachel Morello-Frosch, and Jim Sadd

Mobile Measurement Platform—An Innovative Tool for Studying the Impacts of Traffic Emissions
by Kathleen Kozawa, Seong Park, Walter Ham, Steve Mara,
and Abhilash Vijayan

Also In This Issue

Emission Characteristics of Heavy-Duty Diesel Transit Buses at Bus Stops in Beijing, China
by Jinxuan Lai, Guohua Song, and Lei Yu

Highlights from the Coordinating Research Council 23rd Real-World Emissions Workshop
by Mani Natarajan et al.

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