EM Current Issue

February 2024

This month, EM includes expert insights from wind, solar, and hydrogen developers and market analysts on how recent economic factors have impacted their sectors and what’s in store for 2024.


 Inside This Month's Issue


The Economics of Renewable Energy: The Market Dynamics Driving Sustainable Solutions
Brent Beerley, David Narum, and James Winebrake

The Art (and Science) of Navigating the Renewables Market

by Kent Herzog

BTM vs. FTM Microgrids for Tribal Resilience

by Olivia McShea

Supply Chain Challenges for the Energy Transition

y Michael Perron

Taking a Ride on the Solar Coaster
by Will Fisher

Offshore Wind in the United States
by Amy McGinty

Also This Month...

YP Perspective: The Application of Air Quality Models and Sensitivity Tools
by Burak Oztaner

Message from the President: Communication Is Key
by James Walker

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