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June 2024

This month, EM considers recent developments in a series of revisions to the U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).


 Inside This Month's Issue


Developments in NAAQS
Eric Hiser and Sean Alteri

Charting Recent NAAQS Developments and Implications for Air Agencies

by Jason Meyers and Laura Crowder

A Comparison of XRF and ICP-MS for PM2.5 Elemental Analysis in the Chemical Speciation Network

by Nicole Pauly Hyslop, Colleen Marciel F. Rosales, Frank Weber, Tracy L. Dombek, Keith Levine, Andrea McWilliams, and Nicholas J. Spada

Perspective: The Need for a Balanced CASAC in the NAAQS Review Process

y James W. Boylan

Challenges to EPA’s Novel Reconsideration Proposal of the PM NAAQS
y Anne Austin


Also This Month...

A Summary of the 54th Annual A&WMA Critical Review: Reduced Nitrogen in the Atmosphere
Charles T. Driscoll, Jana B. Milford, Daven K. Henze, and Michael D. Bell

PM File: The Evolving Requirements for Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions
by David Elam

Message from the President: ACE in Calgary Beckons
by James Walker

In Memoriam: James Michael (Jim) Powell (1952–2024)

EPA Research Highlights

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