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 June 2020

This month’s focus topic addresses wildland fires and air quality, with four articles by U.S. federal and state agency authors. Through extensive collaborations, these agencies are monitoring fire conditions and air quality; projecting changes in wildfire spread, smoke, and air pollution; educating the public; disseminating critical information during fires to alert the public; and helping citizens protect themselves.

Inside This Month's Issue


Wildfire, Air Quality, and Public Health
by John D. Kinsman

The Interagency Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program
by Peter Lahm and Narasimhan K. Larkin

Reducing Risk from Wildfire Smoke
by Erika N. Sasser and Peter Lahm

Protecting Air Quality and Public Health During Wildfires
 Erin DeMerritt

Illustrating Wildland Fire Air Quality Impacts Using an EPA Emission Inventory
 K.R. Baker, V. Rao, J. Beidler, J. Vukovich, S. Koplitz, and L. Avey

A Summary of the 50th Annual A&WMA Critical Review: Wildfire and Prescribed Burning Impacts on Air Quality in the United States
 Daniel A. Jaffe

Also This Month...

New for 2020
Waste Management Corner
EM is expanding its content coverage of waste management issues with a special section of waste-themed articles in every issue, called Waste Management Corner. In this month’s article, the authors describe a new landfill methane-monitoring technology.

Drones Save Landfill Operators Time and Money with Advanced Emissions Measurements
 Pete Roos and Ben Losby

Message from the President: Certainty and the Unknown

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A&WMA’s Annual Critical Review Turns 50A look at the 2006 Critical Review, “Health Effects of Fine Particulate Air Pollution: Lines that Connect” by C. Arden Pope and D. Dockery


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