December 2017

In this issue you will find a discussion of how we might successfully feed the growing human population in a way that is affordable, just, and sustainable.

Inside This Month's Issue


Food Sustainability: Feeding the World Responsibly
by Steven P. Frysinger

Sustainability in the Food and Beverage Industry: Global, National, and Local Challenges and Opportunities
by Michael C. Nines and Carol F. McCabe

The Paradox of Food Waste versus Food Insecurity and the Potential for Surplus Food Management
by Sedef Sert

Reducing Your ‘Foodprint’ While Eating Healthier
by Catherine I. Birney, Katy F. Franklin, F. Todd Davidson, and Michael E. Webber

Can Waste Reduction Move the Needle on Food Sustainability?
by Kumar Venkat

Also This Month...

PM File: Management of Change
by David L. Elam, Jr.
It’s time to take stock of the changes we have witnessed in 2017, and take the necessary steps to prepare for the future.

YP Perspective: Prioritization of City Sewer Manholes for Corrosion Protection
by Arpita Bhatt, Gomathy Radhakrishna Iyer, and Melanie Sattler
A brief look at how mobile sensors are helping tackle the issue of sulfide corrosion of sewers, which can be an expensive problem for many cities.


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