February 2014

In this issue of EM, you will find six articles highlighting various aspects of the NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (AQAST) research on current air quality and trends.

Inside This Month's Issue


The NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team (AQAST)
by Daniel J. Jacob, Tracey Holloway, and John D. Haynes

Monitoring PM2.5 from Space for Health: Past, Present, and Future Directions
by Yang Liu

A Clearer View of Tomorrow’s Haze: Improvements in Air Quality Forecasting
by Yongtao Hu et al.

Using Satellite Observations to Measure Power Plant Emissions and Their Trends
by David G. Streets et al.

Detecting and Attributing Episodic High Background Ozone Events
by Arlene M. Fiore et al.

Interactions between Climate Change and U.S. Air Quality
by L.J. Mickley, A.M. Fiore, and D.K. Henze

Integrating Satellite Data into Air Quality Management: Experience from Colorado
by Sarah Witman, Tracey Holloway, and Patrick J. Reddy

Also In This Issue

Asian Connections: Notes from the 1st Clean Fuels and Vehicles Forum in the ASEAN Region
by Ritchie Anne Roño and Glynda Bathan

IT Insight: Can Windows and Other OSs Play in the Same Sandbox?
by Jill Barson Gilbert

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