January 2014

Findings from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 Air Sensors Workshop are summarized in two issues (January and August 2014) to help define the current state of the science in the research and development of air pollution sensors for measuring air quality. In this issue of EM, you will find four articles present emerging sensor technologies, data challenges and solutions, performance characteristics, and sensor calibration options.

Inside This Month's Issue


Air Quality Sensors, Part 1
by Ron Williams

New Technology for Low-Cost, Real-Time Air Monitoring
by Gayle S.W. Hagler, Paul A. Solomon, and Sherri W. Hunt

Low-Cost Sensor Calibration Options
by Ron Williams, Tim Watkins, and Russell Long

Air Sensors: Big Data, Big Dreams
by Vasu Kilaru

A Sensor World: Next-Generation Air Monitoring at EPA
by Peter Preuss and Rebecca French

Also In This Issue

CalEnviroScreen: A Pathway to Address Environmental Justice Issues in California
by George Alexeeff and Arsenio Y. Mataka
A look at CalEnviroScreen, an environmental health screening tool designed to help decision-makers focus time, resources, and programs to improve the environmental health of Californians living in areas of the state disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution.

PM File: Storyboarding Builds Persuasive Presentations
by David Elam, Jr.

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