January 2017

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of some of the air quality issues important to states in the Western United States.

Inside This Month's Issue


Air Quality in the Western States
by John D. Kinsman and Susan S.G. Wierman

Regulatory Perspectives on Air Quality Issues in the Western United States
by Stephen D. Page

Regional Haze Planning in the Western United States
by Patricia Brewer, Bret Schichtel, Don Shepherd, and Susan Johnson

Visibility, Haze, and Background Air Pollution in the West
by Mary Uhl and Tom Moore

A Utility Perspective on Current Western Air Quality Issues
by Reuben Plantico

Broad-Based Coalition Petitions EPA for New Nationwide Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Standards
by Sam Atwood et al.

Also This Month...
Highlights from the Coordinating Research Council’s 26th Real-World Emissions Workshop
by Dominic DiCicco et al.

The Coordinating Research Council’s (CRC) 26th annual Real-World Emissions Workshop was held March 13–16, 2016. More than 225 attendees representing 12 countries enjoyed presentations, posters, and demonstrations on topics such as emission measurements and measurement techniques; emission rates, inventory, and modeling; emission control measures; and fuel effects and fuel efficiency at this international forum for vehicle and engine emissions research.

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