July 2013

In this issue of EM, you will find several thought-provoking articles on the topic of near-road emission monitoring.

Inside This Month's Issue


Near-Road Emission Monitoring—What Will We Learn by Measuring Air Quality Near Roadways?
by Susan S.G. Wierman

EPA’s Emerging Near-Road Ambient Monitoring Network: A Progress Report
by Lewis Weinstock, Nealson Watkins, Richard Wayland, and Richard Baldauf

From Near-Road to Urban Background: Lessons Learned from Mobile Lab Monitoring
by Jeffrey R. Brook, Cristian Mihele, and Ilan Levy

Processes Influencing Ambient Concentrations Near Roadways
by Fred Lurmann, Steven Brown, Michael McCarthy, Doug Eisinger, and Paul Roberts

The Near-Road Ambient Network and Exposure Estimates for Health Studies
by Stuart Batterman

State and Local Experiences Establishing Air Monitoring Sites Near U.S. Roadways: A Conversation
by Jennifer Hains, David Krask, Bruce Louks, Harlan Quan, Kenneth Stroud, Darrell Stern, and Susan Wierman

Also In This Issue

PM File: When the News Is Bad
by David Elam

YP Perspective: Development of an Air Dispersion Model to Study Near-Road Exposure
by Sam Pournazeri, Brandon Gazzolo, and Marko Princevac

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