July 2014

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of whether U.S. oil and natural gas production can provide a “bridge” to a future energy economy that relies on efficiency and renewable energy.

Inside This Month's Issue


Bridge Fuel and Its Impact
by Mingming Lu

The Natural Gas Revolution: Critical Questions for a Sustainable Energy Future
by Alan J. Krupnick, Raymond J. Kopp, Kristin Hayes, and Skyler Roeshot

Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Resources Development and Their Potential Environmental Impacts
by Venkatesh Uddameri, Audra Morse, and Danny Reible

Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development, Fact or Fiction? The ‘Science’ behind Gasland
by Ian J. Duncan

Also In This Issue

Put Science before Emotion on the Topic of NORM Waste
by Jay Almlie
What is NORM waste, how is it disposed of, and why are industry and state regulators working together to ensure the safe and responsible disposal of this material?

A Smart (and Green) Move for the Freight Sector
by Sophie Punte
A look at the global green freight movement.

EPA Research Highlights: CATHGEN Study Looks at How Air Pollution May Cause Heart Problems

PM File: Progress Reporting Revisited
by David Elam, Jr.

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