July 2016

In this issue of EM, you will find articles that consider aspects of interim and long-term strategies for reducing and eventually eliminating the major contribution of power generation to U.S. and global carbon (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions. The power generation sector is the largest contributor to carbon emissions in the United States and globally.

Inside This Month's Issue


Reducing Carbon from Power Generation
by John D. Bachmann

Carbon Trading Under the Clean Power Plan
by Ashley Lawson

Going all the Way: Options and Innovation to Solve Climate Change
by Armond Cohen

The Nuclear Option for Meeting the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century
by Andrew Sowder

Also In This Issue

The Case for Science-Based Emissions Targets
by Mark Chadwick and Alicia Godlove
An overview of the movement toward setting science-based targets for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Highlights from the Coordinating Research Council’s 2016 Air Quality Research Needs Workshop: Top 11 Research Needs
by Susan Collet et al.

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