June 2019

Canada and the United States share a long history of working together to address transboundary environmental challenges. In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of some of the successes, challenges, and future directions of this Canada–United States cooperation.

Inside This Month's Issue


Transboundary Environmental Problems and U.S.–Canada Cooperation
Terry J. Keating

25 Years of Tackling Transboundary Air and Hazardous Waste Issues in North America
Orlando Cabrera, César Rafael Chávez, Nathalie Daoust, and Robert Moyer

Mercury in the Great Lakes: New Insights into Deposition, Regulation, and Prognosis
J.A. Perlinger, N.R. Urban, and H. Zhang

Wildfires Are Causing Extreme PM Concentrations in the Western United States
James R. Laing and Daniel A. Jaffe

Ongoing U.S.–Canada Collaboration on Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition
Donna Schwede, Amanda Cole, Robert Vet, and Gary Lear

Pandora: Connecting in-situ and Satellite Monitoring in Support of the Canada–U.S. Air Quality Agreement
by J. Szykman, R.J. Swap, B. Lefer, L. Valin, S.C. Lee, V. Fioletov, X. Zhao, J. Davies, D. Williams, N. Abuhassan, L. Shalaby, A. Cede, M. Tiefengraber, M. Mueller, A. Kotsakis, F. Santos, and J. Robinson

Also This Month...

Spotlight on Waste
As a continuation of the March issue focus topic, this month’s EM features a special spotlight on waste management with articles that consider topics as varied as landfill leachate problems and zero waste as an achievable goal.

Landfill Leachate—Just ‘Evaporate’ the Problem
by David Greene

Zero Waste: A Fiction or an Achievable Goal?
Chih C. Chao

EPA Research Highlights: EPA Study Shows Combustion Emissions Influence Rate and Amount of PM from Vegetation
by Carrie Holz and Emily Smith

PM File: Revenue Recognition Is Different from Getting Paid
by David Elam

Message from the President: Let’s ACE This!
Michele E. Gehring

Back In Time: June 2009

A look back at this month 10 years ago in EM Magazine.


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