March 2013

In this issue of EM, you will find several articles that focus on aspects of alternative energy, sustainability, and climate change.

Inside This Month's Issue


Alternative Energy, Sustainability, and Climate Change
by Mingming Lu
Following President Obama’s very public endorsement in both his inauguration speech and state of the union address, it is likely climate change will be the next focus of environmental professionals. Traditionally focused on air and waste issues, there has been a seismic shift throughout the environmental profession in recent years to embrace boarder environmental issues, especially as they relate to climate change and sustainability.

Oasis or Mirage? The Doha Climate Gateway
by Eric Holdsworth and Bill Fang

The Future Is Not What it Used to be: Preparing for a Changing Climate
by Daniel Hegg and Hamish Aubrey

Forum—President Should Make Climate Change a ‘Center-Piece’ of Second Term
by American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

Also In This Issue

Case Study—Potential Reuse of Waste Coffee Grounds in the Biodiesel Industry
by Qingshi Tu, Mingming Lu, and Ming Chai
The authors consider the potential for the waste byproduct of one of the world’s most popular beverages—used coffee grounds—to be diverted from landfills and repurposed as an oil basis for biodiesel fuel, a purification material, and an alternative energy source.

PM File: Standardized Project Management
by David Elam

YP Perspective: Social Media as an Organizational Strategy—A Case Study of A&WMA's YPAC
by Robin Devillers

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