March 2016

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of some of the issues and concerns related to distributed generation, also commonly known as on-site generation or decentralized energy.

Inside This Month's Issue


Distributed Generation: What Is It and What Are Its Air Quality Impacts?
by Ali Farnoud

Uncovering the Emissions Benefits of CHP
by Anna Chittum and Meegan Kelly

The Extermination of BUGs from the U.S. Electricity Market
by Frank Lacey

Analysis of Historical Emergency Demand–Response Use
by Don C. DiCristofaro

HEDD Workgroup Findings
by David Healy et al.

Also In This Issue

Estimation Procedure for Following Vapor Pressure Changes
by Robert E.C. Weaver
A practical method to estimate the vapor pressures of blended and reblended petroleum stocks that ensures air emissions stay within regulatory compliance limits.

PM File: Project Management Suited to a T
by David Elam

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