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Geosyntec Consultants
Geosyntec Consultants delivers innovative applications of proven and emerging scientific and engineering technologies for complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and infrastructure. Our 1,250 practitioners routinely assist firms navigating complex regulatory environments to ensure compliance, minimizing operational and financial impacts. Offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Jacobs Engineering
Jacobs leads the global professional services sector delivering solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. With approximately $12 billion in revenue and a talent force of 50,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of services including scientific, technical, professional and construction- and program-management for business, industrial, commercial, government and infrastructure sectors.

Lakes Environmental Software
Lakes Software is internationally recognized for its technologically advanced environmental modeling software and data products. Since 1995 we remain dedicated to providing industry and the regulatory community with exceptional service and cost-effective environmental IT solutions. Our products increase productivity, reduce errors, and provide unique solutions in an ever-increasing regulatory constrained world. Expertise includes: 
· Air Dispersion Modeling 
· Emissions Inventory 
· Regulatory Permit and Compliance Solutions 
· Custom IT Solutions 
· Real-Time and Forecast Modeling Solutions 
· Meteorological Data Processing (WRF/MM5) 
· Training 
Lakes Software is dedicated to continuously investigating new areas of research to provide our users with superior state-of-the-art software solutions and data services.

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.
Dealing with the logistics and implications of environmental issues is vital. Typically, however, it’s also complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. At Montrose, we know there’s a better way. Employing 1,400 employees in over 60 locations, our innovative business model, focus on environmental solutions, and integrated approach to design, engineering, and operations can put you well ahead of the curve by applying the latest technologies in practical ways to solve difficult environmental challenges today – and prepare for what’s coming tomorrow. From lab services to stack testing to regulatory compliance, we’re helping clients blaze new trails.

SCS Engineers
Environmental consultants and contractors with offices nationwide. Specialists in landfill siting and design, closure, long-term O&M, PCB cleanups, Brownfields, SPCC plans, spill response, solid and hazardous waste management, greenhouse gas, and clean air act compliance. Proudly serving the electric power industry since 1970.

SOLVAY is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company. SOLVAir® Solutions is SOLVAY's Air Pollution Control entity that offers and continuously develops competitive and sustainable environmental solutions used for acid gas emissions control. Manuchar is a global trading, logistics and distribution company focused on commodity and speciality chemicals. Active in air pollution control, mining, animal nutrition, manufacturing, water treatment.

Sonoma Technology
Sonoma Technology, Inc. (STI) is an employee-owned firm that delivers innovative, science- and technology-based solutions for our clients’ environmental needs worldwide. Our services include air quality research, atmospheric measurements, air quality and smoke forecasting, atmospheric modeling and analysis, instrumentation and data system development, software development, decision support systems, and outreach.

Trinity Consultants 
Founded in 1974, Trinity is an international EHS consulting firm with offices across North America, and in the U.K., China, and the Middle East. Trinity assists organizations with meeting their permitting and compliance obligations, and with broader EHS performance and risk management concerns. Trinity's technology team provides EHS technology solutions to help organizations streamline EHS reporting and data management, and Trinity's BREEZE EHS modeling software is used by professionals worldwide to predict the impact of air emissions, fires, and explosions. Trinity also provides extensive professional EHS training via classroom and online formats. SafeBridge Consultants, a Trinity Consultants company, provides industrial hygiene and toxicology services to pharmaceuticals companies.

TSI, Incorporated 
TSI, a world leader in particle measurements, offers a variety of air quality monitors for real-time, direct-reading results. The DustTrak™ Environmental Monitor measures PM1, PM2.5, respirable, PM10 and total PM size fractions, providing near-reference quality data. In addition, TSI offers ultrafine particle monitors and a new, low cost BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor.

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