2018 S. Smith Griswold Outstanding Air Pollution Official Award -- Andersen

The S. Smith Griswold Award, established by resolution of the Board of Directors on June 29, 1971, is for an individual who has outstanding accomplishment in the prevention and control of air pollution.  The recipient shall be a governmental agency staff member (past or present) whose contribution to the prevention and control of air pollution has been widely recognized by persons in the field. The coverage is broad, since it is intended to recognize achievement in the many types of activities conducted by governmental prevention and control programs.
S. Smith Griswold (1909-1971) served from 1954-1965 as Chief Air Pollution Control Officer for the Los Angeles Air Pollution Control District. In 1964, he became Chief of the Abatement Branch of the Division of Air Pollution Control, HEW. When he left the federal government in 1967 to become a Washington, D.C., consultant, Griswold was Associate Director for Abatement and Control. As president of the Association in 1962, he focused international attention on the activities, problems and achievements of air pollution control officers. The S. Smith Griswold Award may be awarded to members and nonmembers of the Association.

A&WMA commends the following individuals and awards them the 2018 S. Smith Griswold Outstanding Air Pollution Control Official Award:

Bruce S. Andersen
John (Eddie) Terrill


Bruce S. Andersen went to work for the Department of Air Quality of the Wyandotte County Health Department in Kansas City, Kansas in 1978, after earning his master’s degree in Environmental Health Science at the University of Kansas. Andersen started as an air pollution control engineer, and his areas of work included writing air permits, conducting compliance inspections of air pollution sources, enforcement of regulations, implementing new ozone strategies in the county, planning, responding to complaints, compliance assistance, and coordinating with other agencies both locally and regionally and public education and outreach.
Andersen became Director of the Department in 2000 and continued in this role until he retired in 2017, after 39 years of service to the community and nation. Andersen is proud of the relationships he developed with the local community, including citizens, industry, government leaders, elected officials, and other public agencies. Over the years, he hired a lot of young scientists and engineers right out to college, trained and mentored them into outstanding environmental professionals. All of them continue to work in air quality field and have and successful careers.
In 1995, Andersen became President of the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials (ALAPCO), later to become part of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA). He served two terms and was elected President again in 2011. In 1995, Andersen also became the Program Funding Co-Chair of NACAA and held that position until his retirement last year. In his work with NACAA, Andersen always kept the role that local air quality agencies play in our nation’s air quality highlighted. As Funding Co-Chair, he fought to make sure that local agencies got their fair share of the funding that Congress appropriated and worked to convince the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the critical need for adequate funding for programs, both at the state and local levels. Significant increases were rare, however, the efforts of the Funding Committee helped reduce cutbacks many times.
Andersen was involved in other important efforts as well. He served on the Mid America Regional Council’s (MARC) Air Quality Forum for more than 30 years. MARC is the Kansas City metropolitan planning agency that coordinates planning for the region across state lines. With Andersen’s help this group addressed ozone noncompliance two times and brought the Kansas City area back into compliance. The Department of Air Quality was instrumental in implementing a variety of rules and strategies that brought the ozone levels down. Andersen served on the Central States Air Resources Association (CenSARA) Board of Directors on two occasions representing the interests of local air agencies in the central states. Andersen was a member of the State of Kansas’s Clean Air Advisory Committee. Members of this committee have input into state air policies and regulations.


S. Smith Griswold Outstanding Air Pollution Official Award


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