S. Smith Griswold Outstanding Air Pollution Official Award

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The S. Smith Griswold Award, established by resolution of the Board of Directors on June 29, 1971, is for an individual who has outstanding accomplishment in the prevention and control of air pollution.  The recipient shall be a governmental agency staff member (past or present) whose contribution to the prevention and control of air pollution has been widely recognized by persons in the field. The coverage is broad, since it is intended to recognize achievement in the many types of activities conducted by governmental prevention and control programs.
S. Smith Griswold (1909-1971) served from 1954-1965 as Chief Air Pollution Control Officer for the Los Angeles Air Pollution Control District. In 1964, he became Chief of the Abatement Branch of the Division of Air Pollution Control, HEW. When he left the federal government in 1967 to become a Washington, D.C., consultant, Griswold was Associate Director for Abatement and Control. As president of the Association in 1962, he focused international attention on the activities, problems and achievements of air pollution control officers. The S. Smith Griswold Award may be awarded to members and nonmembers of the Association.

Year Award Recipient(s)
2023 Merlyn L. Hough
2021 Jeff Koerner; David Thornton
2020 Jack Broadbent
2019 Dennis J. McLerran
2018 Bruce S. Andersen; John (Eddie) Terrill
2017 Larry Greene; Charles Pietarinen; Nancy L. Seidman
2016  Laki Tisopulos
2015 David J. Shaw
2014 Richard A. Valentinetti
2013 Peter F. Hess; S. Trivikrama Rao *
2012  Susan S.G. Wierman
2011 Grady T.(Tom) Helms
2010 Kenneth Stubbs
2009 John A. Paul
2008 S. William Becker
2007 Margo Tsirigotis Oge
2006 Alan C. Lloyd
2005 Joann Held
2004 Roger C. Westman
2003 Richard H. Baldwin
2002 Melvin D. Zeldin
2001 John C. Elston
1999 Gary McCutchen
1998 James M. Lents
1997 James D. Boyd
1996 Thomas M. Allen
1995 James K. Hambright
1994 Breda Nadon
1993 George P. Ferreri *
1992 Elmon "Bill" Stewart
1991 Gustave Von Bodungen *
1990 Bernard J. Steigerwald *
1989 Joseph Palomba, Jr. *
1988 Eric E. Lemke
1987 Jean J. Schueneman *
1986 Robert L. Stockman *
1985 Danford G.Kelley
1984 Victor H. Sussman
1983 Milton Feldstein *
1982 Harry H. Hovey, Jr.
1980  Alexander Rihm, Jr. *
1979 Charles R. Barden
1978 Don R. Goodwin
1977 Morton Sterling *
1976 Charles M. Copley, Jr. *
1975 William A. Munroe *
1974 John A. Maga
1973 William H. Megonnell
1972  Robert L. Chass

* Deceased