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Now in its 37th year, this conference provides a forum for the discussion of state-of-the-art technical information, regulations, and public policy on thermal treatment technologies and their relationship to air emissions, greenhouse gases, and climate change.

Learn the latest on thermal treatment and hazardous waste policy and solutions
Final Program available! 

Papers and presentations will address various aspects of waste stream management using thermal treatment processes, and provide useful insight into associated costs, risks, and impacts. Practical applications of technical and scientific advances will be presented by international subject matter experts for a broad range of institutional and industrial wastes and waste treatment issues. Sessions will focus on technology advances, regulatory issues, waste-to-energy applications, greenhouse gas inventories, residuals treatment, climate change, and related topics including how these affect public perception and developing governmental policies.

Thermal treatment technologies include incinerators, kilns and furnaces, thermal oxidizers, commercial and industrial boilers, gasifiers, industrial dryers, fluid bed reactors, and more.                         

These technologies are used in a wide range of facilities and industries such as:
• Chemical Production  • Pulp & Paper 
• Cement Production  • Mining Operations 
• Oil Refineries    • Military Installations
• Biofuels Production       • Agricultural Products
• Glass Manufacturing     • Universities/Hospitals
• Primary & Secondary Smelting  


Conference Committee:
William Norris, Ramboll - Technical Chair
Michael Mannuzza, Ramboll - Past Technical Chair
Helen Lou, Professor, Lamar University - Technical Vice Chair
Andrew Bartocci, Envitech, Inc. 
Chih Chao, Principal, Cantech Environmental Services
Michele Gehring, Principal, Coterie Environmental