IT3/HWC Awards

Award recipients will be recognized during the virtual conference on Thursday, January 28

IT3 Distinguished Service Award
The annual award is presented for years of outstanding service to the IT3/HWC Conference.

2021 Award Recipient: Michael Mannuzza

Mr. Mannuzza has over 30 years’ experience in project engineering, project management, application engineering, design, field service and commissioning of a wide variety of combustion and air pollution control systems. He has managerial experience as the head of various engineering departments, and has a strong background in machine design, process engineering, combustion, air handling systems, and fluid power systems. He specializes in the design of incineration, air pollution control and waste heat recovery systems.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Floyd Hasselriis Pioneer Award
The annual award is presented to an individual for pioneering work and outstanding contributions in the field of incineration and/or thermal treatment technologies over an extended period of time. (Award Description and Past Recipients)

2021 Award Recipient: Stephen G. Deduck 

Stephen G. Deduck, P.E. is a Mechanical Engineer with 40 years’ experience in power plant performance testing of coal-fired boilers and waste-to-energy (WTE) power plants since receiving his B.S. in M.E.  from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is now Technical Program Manager at Covanta Energy. Inc. and is a registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey. He is currently the Chair of ASME PTC 34 Waste Combustors with Energy Recovery.
His professional career started as a Field Service Representative in Foster Wheeler Energy Corp’s Equipment Division where he traveled throughout the US in a support function for the Service Department, moving on to Test and Performance Engineer both in the US and foreign locations performing NOx optimization testing and boiler performance testing (ASME PTC 4). After five years in the field he became a Proposal Engineer in the Steam Department spanning three years.
He then joined Covanta in various assignments over a 32-year period through positions in Operations Engineering to his present Technical Program Manager position for projects in the US, Canada, and Ireland. He participated in or was responsible for performance and acceptance testing for 21 Covanta WTE plants and was also involved in environmental improvements, playing a significant role in optimizing Covanta’s LN System for NOx   Reduction, and Recirculating Baghouse and related Dioxin Reduction System. Mr. Deduck has two patents on WTE technologies.
His professional society work began with ASME in 1990 when he joined PTC 34, Waste Combustors with Energy Recovery, and in 2018 became the Chair. In 2012 he became Co-chair of the Continuous Monitoring (CPM) Subcommittee of the ASME Research Committee on Energy, Environment, and Waste Committee. This work expanded the protocols developed in PTC 34 from static to continuous performance monitoring. Key parameters are continuously measuring flue gas flow and moisture. CPM continuously compiles all appropriate state points, flow measurements, and gas composition and computes results. Mr. Deduck has demonstrated the potential of CPM on several Covanta boilers.
Steve’s passion for detail has served him well in his quest for accuracy and consistency in performance testing especially when dealing with waste fuels.