LTA 2019 Presentations

We hope you found the presentations, work groups, and information useful for your section and for you personally. 

Please download these presentations and share with your local member units. 

LTA 2019 Attendee and Faculty Contact Information 


Friday, April 12 Presentations  
What is Leadership?  Tony van der Vooren
The Association's Governance Structure Jim Walker 
President's Message Michele Gehring 
Executive Director's Report  Stephanie Glyptis
Saturday, April 13 Presentations  
Personality Profile Amy Gilligan
Volunteer Recruiting and Management  Tracy Fedkoe and Robin Lebovitz
Strategic Framework Tony van der Vooren 
Working Across Different Generations  Stephanie Glyptis 
Fostering Association Mentoring  Michele Gehring
The Essentials of Great Meetings Harry Klodowski
Membership Recruiting and Retention  Jim Walker
Sunday, April 14 Presentations  
Managing your Local Member Unit's Toolbox Tony van der Vooren
Using Marketing Effectively Tracy Fedkoe
Supplemental Materials   
Roberts Rules  Harry Klodowski
Parliamentary Procedure Harry Klodowski 
Sample Section Policy Manual (Ottawa Valley) 
Sample Section Policy Manual (Ontario Section)
Sample Section Guidance Book (Florida)
Sample Section Guidebook (PNWIS)
Universal Board Member Responsibilities   

Mentoring Breakouts
Strategic Focus Breakouts 
Best Practices Breakouts

Elevator Speech Videos