Exhibitor Profiles - Measurements 2023

Exhibitor Profiles

Booth 21
2B Technologies is dedicated to the development and commercialization of new analytical instruments for atmospheric and environmental measurements.  We specialize in miniaturized instruments for measurements of ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), mercury (Hg), black carbon, PM2.5,  and other chemical species in air. Our AQSync Air Quality Monitoring Station is a compact air monitoring solution utilizing a combination of FEM ozone and NO2 measurements with proven near reference grade techniques for measuring CO and PM. The AQSync also provides measurements of NO, CO2, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction while having the ability to upload data directly to the cloud. 

Booth 22
Aerosol Magee Scientific is a leading developer and manufacturer of instrumentation for air quality research and measurement, and a leading organization focusing on research of black carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols and their impact on climate change and human health. It has developed the Aethalometer® AE33, the most widely used instrument globally for real-time monitoring of Black Carbon, the second most important climate forcing agent and the most important indicator of the adverse health effects

Booth 12
Ambilabs specializes in supplying innovative ambient air monitoring technology solutions. Our experienced staff provide instrumentation, systems and solutions for obtaining valid, accurate, and precise air quality data. We directly supply, install, and train on a broad range of gas and particulate monitoring instrumentation for our customers in Canada, USA, and the Caribbean. Please visit our booth to discuss the latest “Airpointer” which is an EPA FEM & FRM designated air monitoring “station in a suitcase”, and also the new AqMesh suite of pollutant monitoring sensors packaged together into a tiny pod that is no larger than a football. Ask about our latest “2WIN” high-precision particulate/haze/ visibility monitoring sensor solution.     

Argos Scientific, Inc.

Booth 9

Booth 6
DR DAS LTD is the pioneer in digital data collection. Learn about innovative data acquisition and control solutions for air quality, emissions and property line monitoring. Envidas Ultimate DAS, EnvistaARM and public information products (Websites, Kiosks, Telephony, Mobile Apps) will be on display. Learn why 40+ agencies rely on DRDAS.

Booth 11
ENMET manufactures a wide array of environmental and industrial health and safety monitoring instruments. Our new GC-based products offer a new cost-effective approach to benzene trace level detection (sub ppb) at the Fenceline and in the workplace with the ability to provide specific gas analysis in complex mixtures.                     

Booth 16
Entanglement Technologies is a chemical technology and engineering solutions manufacturer focused on designing intelligent analyzers which increase the accessibility and actionability of chemical data on our surroundings. Our flagship instrumentation platform, AROMA-VOC, is a thermal desorption, high-performance broadband cavity ringdown spectrometer (TD-CRDS) which provides part-per-trillion (pptv) detection limits on hazardous air pollutants such as BTEX, 1,3-butadiene, ethylene oxide, TCE, H2S and HCN in ambient air and other complex matrices in the field or from any vehicle. No buildout or expert operator is required. The high stability of the CRDS core facilitates operations for long-term, automated fixed-site deployments in remote locations without sacrificing data-quality or throughput. Visit the booth to learn more or contact us at

Booth 1
Entech Instruments is a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation that supports professionals around the world in Environmental Air Monitoring, Soil & Water Testing, Industrial Hygiene, Food Safety, Flavor & Aroma R&D, Material Emissions Testing, Forensic Investigation, and Clinical Analysis. We specialize in the creation of inert air and gas sample collection equipment, chemical extraction and preconcentration technology,  as well as GC/MS sample preparation and introduction technologies.

Booth 8
KASSAY is the exclusive supplier of the RAM2000TM (Remote Air Monitor) systems used for fence line monitoring of gas vapors in real-time. RAM2000TM open path spectrometers have patented technology developed in partnership with the US government and accredited by domestic and foreign agencies.

Booth 28
Met One Instruments Inc. provides reliable, affordable, precision instrumentation for monitoring ambient & indoor air quality and controlled environments.  We also have a full Meteorological line of precision instrumentation. We engineer and manufacture products from our facilities located in Oregon, New York, and Maryland. Our customer service, including ongoing after-the-sale service support, is the best in the industry. All our products are made in the USA.   We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company.

Booth 17
Since 1994, Orsat has customized the installation and maintenance of hardware and software to produce a robust application for continuous unattended field measurement of VOCs in ambient air for Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS). Orsat’s services encompass all aspects of site operation and quality control from deployment to operator training.

Booth 3
Picarro is a leading provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, criteria pollutants and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) in many industrial and research applications. Picarro analyzers and systems are simple to deploy and operate, they deliver parts-per-trillion (ppt) sensitivity in real-time, and are designed for continuous monitoring with minimal maintenance. Visit our Air Quality and Ethylene Oxide Resource Centers to learn more about how our products are used to address indoor and outdoor air quality measurement needs. 

Booth 27
Sonoma Technology, Inc. (STI) is an employee-owned firm that delivers innovative, science- and technology-based solutions for our clients’ environmental needs worldwide. Our services include air quality research, atmospheric measurements, air quality and smoke forecasting, atmospheric modeling and analysis, instrumentation and data system development, software development, decision support systems, and outreach.

Booth 13
Tisch Environmental is a family business founded to develop and manufacture air pollution monitoring instruments. The Tisch family has produced nearly half a million devices for the air pollution monitoring community over the last 60 years. TEI is looking into the future needs of today’s air monitoring professionals. 

Booth 7
URG is helping to ensure the air we breathe is the best it can be by creating the Ambient Ion Monitor (AIM) for the time-resolved, direct measurement of gas (hydrogen chloride, nitric acid, nitrous acid, sulfur dioxide, ammonia) and artifact-free particulate matter (nitrate, sulfate, nitrite, phosphate, chloride ammonium, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium) air pollutants. We specialize in Teflon-coated cyclones with various cut-points and flow rates, and stainless steel cyclones for diesel emissions.

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