Exhibitor Profiles - Measurements 2021


Chromatotec Group
Chromatotec is specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of online gas analyzers by chromatography, exclusively made in France. With offices in China and USA, the group is historically based in Gironde (South-West of France) since its creation.
Chromatotec® is worldwide known for its leading-edge technology. Based on gas chromatograph principle, our analyzers are focused on VOCs / Sulphur compounds / Odor monitoring. These technologies allow to track individual compounds at ppt/ppb/ppm concentration levels.
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Cooper Environmental / SCI
Cooper Environmental is the recognized global leader in metals measurement technology.  The company was the first to develop and commercialize near real time measurement of metals using X-ray fluorescence (XRF).  Its ambient metals monitor, the Xact 625i, has demonstrated accuracy in numerous studies and peer reviewed journal articles and it is used by researchers, environmental agencies and metal producing industries throughout the world.  In addition to its ambient metals monitor the company also makes instruments to measure metals in smoke stacks and water and it offers a complete line of sensor based measurements (Sold under the Sailbri Cooper Inc brand name) for criteria pollutants (SO2, CO, O3, NO2, PM10 and PM2.5), hazardous gases (HCl, Cl2, H2S, HF, NH3) and total VOCs. 
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Hi-Q Environmental Products Company, Inc.
HI-Q Environmental Products Company (HI-Q) is a leading manufacturer of Air Sampling & Radiation Monitoring Equipment, Systems and Services since 1973.  They are an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturer of continuous duty high & low volume air samplers, radiation monitoring systems, air flow calibrators, radioiodine sampling cartridges, collection filter paper and both paper-only or combination style filter holders.
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Magee Scientific
Magee Scientific is the originator of the Aethalometer®; the Total Carbon Analyzer; and other instruments for measuring carbonaceous aerosols.  Our equipment is rugged, reliable and designed for real-world monitoring applications.  Performance may be validated in the field by NIST-traceable standards kits. 
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Since 1994, Orsat has customized the installation and maintenance of hardware and software to produce a robust application for continuous unattended field measurement of VOCs in ambient air for Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS). Orsat’s services encompass all aspects of site operation and quality control from deployment to operator training.
Booth 25

Teledyne API
Teledyne API offers a complete line of Air Quality Monitoring instrumentation, which complies with the US Environmental Protection Agency, European Union, and other requirements for the measurement of ambient air quality. Utilizing proven measurement principles, we also offer instruments for Continuous Emissions Monitoring and a number of other applications.
Booth 3

Tisch Environmental, Inc.
Tisch Environmental is a family business founded to develop and manufacture air pollution monitoring instruments. The Tisch family have produced nearly half million devices for the air pollution monitoring community over the last 60 years. TEI is looking into the future needs of today’s air monitoring professionals.
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TricornTech Corporation
As a VOC monitoring expert, TricornTech offers a wide product range from portable precision instruments to online systems and comprehensive air quality monitoring software applications. In addition to our superior gas analysis technology used for monitoring airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in semiconductor applications and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the surrounding environment, complete solutions for detecting LNAPL/DNAPL (light/dense non-aqueous phase liquid) contaminants are also available. We are committed in offering solutions and services to our clients which are critical in the achievement of their success. Please stop by our booth to find out more about how we can create the perfect monitoring package tailored to your specific budget and testing requirements.
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TSI Inc.
TSI, a world leader in particle measurements, offers a variety of air quality monitors for real-time, direct-reading results. The DustTrak™ Environmental Monitor measures PM1, PM2.5, respirable, PM10 and total PM size fractions, providing near-reference quality data. In addition, TSI offers ultrafine particle monitors and a new, low cost BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor.
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