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As the number and stringency of air, waste and environmental regulatory requirements increases, AECOM is working with our clients to strategize and implement compliance solutions using innovative approaches and advanced technology. With 85,000 employees in 150 countries, AECOM is at the forefront— tackling issues with strategic thinking and collaboration.

Global Analyzer Systems Ltd. has been a leader in emissions monitoring for 25 years. We ensure safe and sustainable air by bringing certainty to emissions measurement. Our new product line, Direct Optics, is designed to overcome market limitations by offering improved techniques for a more precise measurement of trace gases. Our dual-channel CRDS-based analyzer offers unmatched speed and accuracy while directly and simultaneously measuring NO2 – NOx – NO.  Our patented PhoNOTM enables traditionally utilized technologies to measure True NO2, and our Automated Air Sampler allows users to precisely capture pre-set or triggered pollution events. We are customer-focused solutions experts committed to improving the analysis of pollutants.

Spectrum Environmental Solutions is a technology leader in optical analytical techniques. We provide customized solutions using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, ultraviolet (UV), tunable diode laser (TDL), and quantum cascade laser (QCL) devices. Our solutions are always customized to the client’s unique issues and challenges. Optical measurements provide dynamic, near real-time insight into plant operations. We deliver FTIR analytical devices in both open path and extractive configurations. Our environmental consulting services include world class expertise in the areas of industrial flares and hazardous waste combustion. We have specific experience and proven technology in providing real-time emissions monitoring solutions for fence line monitoring networks.     
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ENMET manufactures a wide array of environmental and industrial health and safety monitoring instruments.  Our new GC based products offer a new cost effective approach to benzene trace level detection (sub ppb) at the Fenceline and in the workplace with the ability to provide specific gas analysis in complex mixtures.

Envitech is a leading provider of Environmental Quality Monitoring Software, specializing in Air Quality and Continuous Emission Monitoring. Our product range, in the Ambient Air Monitoring market, is renowned for its comprehensiveness, covering every aspect of air quality assessment, from maintenance gas analyzers to complete Air Quality Monitoring Networks for public information dissemination. Envitech's software solutions are accessible globally through a network of distributors, operating in over 40 countries, spanning from the USA to China.

Tisch Environmental is a family business founded to develop and manufacture air pollution monitoring instruments. The Tisch family has produced nearly half a million devices for the air pollution monitoring community over the last 60 years. TEI is looking into the future needs of today’s air monitoring professionals. 

As a VOC monitoring expert, TricornTech offers a wide product range from portable precision instruments to online systems and comprehensive air quality monitoring software applications. In addition to our superior gas analysis technology used for monitoring airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in semiconductor applications and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the surrounding environment, complete solutions for detecting LNAPL/DNAPL (light/dense non-aqueous phase liquid) contaminants are also available. We are committed in offering solutions and services to our clients which are critical in the achievement of their success. Please stop by our booth to find out more about how we can create the perfect monitoring package tailored to your specific budget and testing requirements.
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Sunset Laboratory has been leading the way for Organic/Elemental Carbon Aerosol (OCEC) measurements since 1984.  We remain the market leader in OCEC instrumentation and analysis for filters with our Laboratory-based OCEC analyzer and in ambient monitoring with our Semi-Continuous OCEC aerosol analyzer.   Our instrumentation has the ability to easily perform a variety of official analysis methods, such as NIOSH Method 5040, Improve-A, STN, EUSAAR2, as well as others.

Teledyne API designs and builds a complete line of precision air quality monitoring instrumentation at its headquarters and factory in San Diego, California.  These instruments utilize proven measurement principles and comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, European Union and other requirements for ambient air quality monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring, and a number of other applications.

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