Measurements Technical Program

Learn the latest information on all aspects of air measurement methodologies

The virtual conference on May 11-13 will open at 12:00 pm Eastern Time / 9:00 am Pacific Time each day and offer two technical sessions on the latest topics in air quality measurement technology. 

Final Conference Program available! View sessions, presentations, and speakers and see what you can learn. 

May 11
Opening Keynote Presentation:  Lara Phelps, Director, Air Methods and Characterization Division, U.S. EPA
Session 1: Advances in Continuous Ambient Air Monitoring
Session 2: Toxics and Precursors — Progress and Innovation

May 12 
Session 3: Advanced Fenceline and Fugitive Emission Monitoring
Session 4: Sensors for Fenceline and Fugitive Measurements

May 13
Session 5: 
Environmental Justice Monitoring Efforts — Where Are We Now?  
Session 6: Sensor Evaluation — Methods and Results 

Keynote Presentation: How Are Air Measurement Methods and Technologies Keeping Up with Environmental Priorities? 

Lara P. Phelps, Director, Air Methods and Characterization Division, U.S. EPA

Lara P. Phelps is the Director for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Air Methods and Characterization Division (AMCD) in the Center for Environmental Measurement and Modeling, Office of Research and Development (ORD). She oversees diverse research to develop, evaluate, and apply advanced laboratory and field methods to measure, characterize, and analyze concentrations of pollutants in the air and at a diverse array of emission sources. Prior to her appointment in AMCD in ORD’s reorganization, Lara served as both the Director and Deputy Director of ORD’s Air and Energy Management Division, as the Senior Advisor for Measurement, Modeling, Monitoring, and Laboratory Science Issues, and as Acting Deputy Director in the Office of the Science Advisor (OSA). In over 25 years with the EPA, she has served in various positions and roles within the Office of Air and Radiation, ORD, and OSA, gaining expertise in a wide range of areas from management and leadership to budgeting and program planning to innovative strategies and technologies.

As a native of North Carolina, Lara elected to do her bachelor’s and master’s work in Statistics at North Carolina State University with a minor in Mathematics. She has received numerous honors, including four bronze medals and service recognition in support of the nation’s response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Lara is also involved in several professional organizations such as The NELC Institute (TNI), the Source Evaluation Society, and the Air & Waste Management Association.