Richard Beatty Mellon Environmental Stewardship Award

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This award, established by resolution of the Board of Directors on February 12, 1954, is for an individual or organization whose contributions of a civic nature - whether administrative, legislative, or judicial - have aided substantially in pollution abatement in some field related to the mission and objectives of the Association. To be eligible for the award, individuals/organizations must have made a sincere, constant, and unselfish effort over a period of time and in a manner best suited to his/her own resources, to develop or increase interest in, or acceptance of, the cause of air pollution control and waste management for the betterment of the environment. The award is not limited to any specific area of endeavor.

Richard Beatty Mellon established the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research in 1913. He showed great interest in the abatement of urban smoke and air pollution and was a leader in incepting and sustaining the first modern investigations of the control of air pollution. The Richard Beatty Mellon Award may be awarded to members and nonmembers of the Association.

Year Award Recipient
2015 John Nielsen
2014 Janet G. McCabe
2013 William Art Spratlin
2012 James Ryckman
2011 Vickie L. Patton
2010 Lester Lave *
2009 F. Henry Habicht II
2008 Mary A. Gade
2007 Ross C. 'Rocky' Anderson
2006 Robert D. Brenner
2005 Joseph T. Ling *
2003 David E. Hess
2002 David G. Hawkins
2001 John S. Seitz
2000 Gladys A. Meade
1999 Mary D. Nichols
1997 Jacques Gerin
1996 William K. Reilly
1995 John S. Lagarias *
1994 Eileen L. Johnston *
1993 Joanne Sharpless
1991 Gro Harlem Brundtland
1990 Douglas M. Costle
1989 Robert T. Stafford
1988 John Quarles
1987 Bruce Walker
1985 William D. Ruckelshaus
1983 John A. Fraser
1982 G. Arthur Webb *
1980 Harold J. Paulus *
1977 Bernard J. Steigerwald *
1975 Maurice F. Strong
1974 W. Brad Drowley *
1972 John T. Middleton
1971 Allen D. Brandt *
1970 Arthur C. Stern *
1969 Vernon G. Mackenzie *
1967 Arnold Marsh *
1966 Lewlie Silverman *
1965 Edmund S. Muskie
1963 R. L. Ireland
1962 Richard K.Mellon *
1960 Robert A. Kehoe
1959 John F. Barkley *
1957 Raymond R. Tucker *
1956 Edward R. Weidlein, Sr. *
* Deceased